MII Flashcam Tactical Flashlight with Built-in Video Recorder & Night Vision



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MII Flashcam Tactical Flashlight with Built-in Video Recorder & Night Vision
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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need some tactical LeakFrogs


I’d buy one but I don’t have anyone to stalk right now.


stalkers "must have " item ?


I would be in for six is it could also be used as a toothbrush and gamma ray detector.


Just what I need - a flashlight with night vision so I can finally see in the dark!


Meh still nothing I wanted to buy today, except for a couple things while I was asleep.

Come on woot gimme one more thing before this wootoff finishes.


Paris Hilton must be beside herself right now thinking " If only this was around when i made my tape people would actually liked it!"


Just put the monkeys so I can go.


Product website.

Still an $80 flashlight? I mean a “good deal” given the $250 sticker price (and I can’t find below $150 anywhere online), but that’s a LOT for a flashlight.


Other than making home porno videos without your girlfriend’s knowledge, what good is this?


This seems like the perfect vehicle for my YouTube hobo fighting series. In for 3 … because what fun would one or two be?

Kidding … kidding.


Someone call the preppers. The best post-apocalyptic flash light known to man.


I wonder if this is the Woot killer?


Perfect for ghost hunters and the video should be grainy enough to claim that the reflection caused by the flashlight is actually proof of paranormal activity.


another little editing bot discovered


Please for the love of all that is holy, pay attention to the length and weight of this thing with the battery inside. It is LONG. It is HEAVY. And for anyone who thinks, “Ooooo. Nightvision! I can use this for ghosthunting!” no offense, but you are insane. I ghost hunt. I have expensive equipment for ghosthunting. There is no way on God’s green earth you want to hold up something of this size for hours at a time.

Security guards. I’m talking to YOU! This sucker is totally badass tactical. You could put someone unconscious and take pictures at the same time with one swing. BUY IT.


I’ll be able to SEE and VIDEO the intruder that I am shooting and then YOUTUBE it!

AWESOME! :slight_smile:


Oh, one of these items, well, it is feasable it will last until woot midnight