MiiKey MiiRhythm Bluetooth Headphones

4.5 Star avg from 29 reviewers

Lots of additional information straight from miikey.com

Headphones are decent for the money, but extremely fragile. The charging cord (non-standard plug) is flimsy at best. It lasted between 10 and 15 charges before the center pin went limp, so to speak.

To get an idea how people like (or don’t like in this case), take a look out at ebay for this brand.

Also, I did try to reach out to their tech support group about the cheaply made charging cable. After about a week, I did receive an email back only to be told it was too old for them to send me out a new one. Funny thing is, I never told them when I bought them (December). I replied that they were less than 60 days old with very low use. The response? ‘We do not support the charging cable, only the headphones.’

In short, be wary of this brand. Save the coin for a future Woot.

I know the specs say over the ear but they look like they are not big enough and would sit on the ear.

Anyone have experience with these?

I want to know if the overlap the ear and put squeezing pressure on sides of head instead of squeezing on the ears.


Specs say microUSB.

No! Don’t do it! They are rugged enough, but he pads will hurt your ears and the sound isn’t good. I have many different pairs of bluetooth headphones, and while these are the largest and look the best, you can find superior comfort and soumd quality for a lower price in the Creative WP350, Run NYC, or the Meelectronic. Too be more specific about the sound, it completely lacks clarity. It sounds as though someone has thrown a sleeping bag over my home theater speakers. Once again, I love the way these look and feel in my hands, but comfort and sound quality are more important to me.

What do you mean by nonstandard plug? I’ve been using my phone charger (micro usb). Am I doing something wrong?

I bought these last time they were sold on WOOT. I had some buyer’s remorse after reading that the mother-ship reviews may be skewed by comments from manufacturers shills.

I have used them for about a month and would give them 3.5 stars. The quality seems decent - I haven’t had any problems with the cans failing. They are comfortable for my average sized head, The sound quality is good. I think that is always going to be a fidelity problem with a Bluetooth headphone - the music gets too compressed. That’s the price of cord-free use. You won’t confuse them with a Klipsch or Bose corded set of cans.

If you want great sound get a corded Bose or Klipsch. If you want a convenient set of decent Bluetooth headphones, then these are worth consideration.

Over the ear does not always mean “cover the ear.” My Sennheisers I used for 25 years in radio sat “on” my ears, not “in” or “around.” Very comfortable, especially in a hot environment.

Is it me or is it actually cheaper on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/MIIKEY-Wireless-Rhythm-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B006J1WR0A/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

this goods is not same the your amazon link. the different model. you can see this model in this url http://www.amazon.com/MiiKey-Wireless-MiiRhythm-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B00ALSNBNY

I was buying a T-shirt, but forgot that I had this product in my cart as well. and I accidentally bought them together, and I just can’t afford that sort of money gone like that. I already sent an email to service@woot.com well they take a long while to cancel my order and refund my account? Please Help!

FYI: NOT usable during flights over the United States. If you want comfort and excellent sound, save up your pennies and buy a set of Ultimate Ears Customs. No, not cheap, but well worth the money if you’re an audiophile or frequent flier. (I’m both.)

We’re talking about two completely different animals. These are bluetooth over the ear headphones. I think everyone here knows there are high end ear buds out there, but thanks for the recommendation. (I prefer Westones).

I got these recently and they are decent for what they are intended. I use them at night with my ipad to watch HBO GO on the back porch while having a cigar. The highs and lows are good but the midrange is a little muffled, it helps if you keep them a bit loud. You won’t get hi fidelity with bluetooth, they are for convenience. I have medium sized ears (I guess) and they pinched a little at first but they have a good range of adjustment and I think I have found a comfortable position, but I would never wear something like these more than a couple hours anyway. They use a microusb plug for charging, not a stand-alone port like some have said, which is a deal killer for me these days. I don’t want anymore one-of-a-kind charging bricks and if an electronic device isn’t micro or mini usb charged I won’t buy it. Overall I recommend these for casual use.

As far as I can tell there are two versions of this headset, the Rhythm and the MiiRhythm, this is the most expensive MiiRhythm whereas you linked to the cheaper version. The MiiRhythm on Amazon seems to be going for 170. Good question though!

My name is krista i am a customer service rep from MiiKey inc. I am sorry but whom ever you spoke with did not give you the correct information. Your MiiKey headset is covered under a 1 year warranty and so is all of its accessories. If you are within the original 30 days of purchase, shipping and handlign is waived. If you are not you will be charged shipping and handling, but the product will be shipped to you for free. If you hand any further questions or comments feel free to email me at krista@miikey.net

Best Regards,
MiiKEY Customer Service rep.

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I am 99.9% sure these are technically “ON-EAR” headphones, not “OVER EAR” headphones. Over ear head phones rest on your skull/jaw bone and place no pressure on your ear. They are bulkier. On-ear headphones sit on the auricular surface of your ear. For those who’re in-the-know about the differences.

What is up with these stupid youtube reviewers who think to post video reviews of headphones, and NOT show how they sit on the ear? Kind of shows zero clue. And the ones that record their entire review as a headless torso fumbling with the product…you need to get a different hobby.

In the picture it shows a stereo headphone cable, does that mean you can use them as regular cabled headphones for devices that don’t support bluetooth ???