Mikasa Broadway 4-PC Dinnerware Set

limit 3 per customer? who though of that limitation? pbly did not think it through…

only 3 people can eat in similar wares. usually when i order plates for my family of 4, i like having similar plates for everyone.

Hi there. I’ve raised the limit to 4.

Lately I have noticed Woot prices are not the least expensive for many items. You need to do your homework, here is an example.


Well… sh…oot. That’s no good.

The buyer is crying but lowering the price to $12.99. Go buy ALL the dishes!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.


One more item I was interested in is this, also higher than retail on Woot…


Can you do better? Cause then I would be Down De down down down to buy it.