Mikasa Gourmet Basics 50-Pc Set-2 Styles



Lisa’s gonna get fed up and quit. :frowning:


Perfect gift for soon-to-be college graduates. It may shock them to see a full flatware set after 4 years of roommates!


Are you saying they were not worth stealing??


This seems expensive for eight settings of 18/0 flatware.


I agree, when I first saw the price I thought that this must be 18/10 steel and was going to order 2. Then I saw 18/0 and … meh … not worth the money. PASS


Warning, from personal experience:

It’s called a COLD meat fork for a REASON.


You have been warned.


Wait, I also just noticed -

Sixteen teaspoons but only ONE tablespoon?

That seems awfully odd.


I prefer the plastic ones that you can throw away rather than wash.