Mikuni Maple Syrup- Your Choice

Mikuni Maple Syrup- Your Choice

You all are saps if you pay that kinda money for maple syrup.


This Minnesotan would not pay this outrageous amount for maple syrup. Around here, you can get 24oz of handmade and flavored syrup for about about $10/24oz at local farmer’s markets.

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Handcrafted maple syrup? Does the maple tree have hands or are there little men inside churning the tree’s sap into syrup? Also, is there some chemical process that will change this stuff to liquid gold? Sorry woot, but I’ll pass.

$45 for “hand crafted” maple syrup?

Sure, but only if it is made the Keebler Elves’ tiny, little hands.

Do you remember Ents from LotR? Yeaaaaaaaah… there’s some “handcrafting” involved to make this syrup.

I’m glad I’m not the only one appalled at the price. I can buy a gallon of maple syrup for that.

Woot should be embarrassed by almost every Gourmet “deal” they try to pawn on us.