Mikuni Wild Harvest Mixed Mushrooms

Mikuni Wild Harvest Mixed Mushrooms

If I eat these, will I begin to see things in a different light?

No, but you may grow really big.


For $49.99 for 3 lbs, is it really asking too much to be told more than you’ll receive 4-5 varieties of wild and exotic mushrooms?

these might be the last magic mushrooms as covid-19 wiping off mankind. We should call these Covid-19 shrooms.

I got these during a Woot Off last yearish. The info slip thingy said the selection of varieties varied by season. The seasonal combos are listed on their page:

I know mine had morel, porcini, cauliflower, and chicken of the woods (can’t recall the other) the last of which was slightly terrifying.
I reeeeeeeally should have looked into preparation methods ahead of time; the ones that looked like chunks of small animals were way, way above my skill level. I had to call in foodie reinforcements. The results ultimately were obscenely delicious, though


Thank you!

Looks interesting.
I’ll ask again; how will these ship?
Normal, 2-day or next day?

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The description lists standard shipping. How are these shipped? How many days will they be in transit? The Mikuni Wild Harvest website says they ship the mushrooms by overnight with a $35.54 shipping charge for Next Day Air Saver (UPS) for either a 2 lb. box or a 4 lb. box.

A 2 lb. box of these mushrooms is on sale for $35.95 directly through Mikuni Wild Harvest. A 4 lb. box is on salse for $63.95. However, the shipping charges are steep. $37.80 shipping for Next Day Air Saver (UPS) for two 4 lb. boxes of mushrooms. They offer UPS Ground and 2nd Day Air options in addition to Next Day Air for items like a can of Noble Himalayan Black Truffles Peelings, Noble Maple Syrup (Woot had a good deal on these a while back.) and a Truffle Slicer. Shipping is free for your entire order if you spend $250 or more. Strangely, some items like a bottle of Noble Handcrafted White Truffle Oil have no shipping options (at least to Pennsylvania) either by themselves or when included with other items until you reach the $250 required for free shipping.

Do you remember how they were shipped when you ordered them? Woot’s description just says standard shipping.

Hello. Overnight shipping.

Is there any way the main listing could correctly indicate shipping.
Likely many are skipping any consideration of ordering since “normal” shipping seems the default.

Thanks rjquillin, we’ll get right on that! [Order #6484xxxx] has been placed.
Thanks TT

TT confirmed it’s overnight.
Makes sense, but it really should so indicate in the main offer.

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If these mushrooms are anything quality-wise like the truffles they just offered here, run away. The truffles were supposed to be 1 to 2 pieces per ounce, I ordered 2 ounces. It ended up being 5 pieces per ounce and one was even short of an ounce. and they were handled and shipped badly. In fancy jars with rice which does nothing more than suck the moisture out of the truffle. I’m hoping for a refund. I got 10 little dry marbles for $120… not good

I bought two boxes of these last time . I had to dump 30% of them during clean up . They were bad . Whatever they couldn’t sell locally they dump it here . I had to request & got money back for the 30% .

Sordid, dearies, not “sorted”

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