Mil-Spec Plus Camper's Mess Kit OD

I bought 3 of these and it was a complete waste of money! I wish I could get my money back! I do not recommend it.

Could you tell more about why you don’t like them?

The items did not fit together well and was consistently coming apart. the cup, cutting board and bowl were ok.It is differently about the fact that they did NOT fit together. Trust me when I say…you get what you pay for! I should have invested the money into a $40-$60 set. To be even more clear…It was not just on one set, it was all three sets. Waste of money. I go camping all the time and as I will not spend money on a titanium set, I have already started to simply spend more money. The other issue is it is not very user friendly to return products on Woot, even though it is an Amazon owned site. Amazon ROCKS!!!

Thank you for the information. I’ve passed it on to the buyers. Looks like you bought it quite a while ago. I’m checking with CS though to see what they can do to help you out.