Milanese Mesh Magnetic Closure Bracelet

Does anybody know if this band would fit a Garmin Vivo HR?

It probably specifically fits the AW slide-in.

Just what exactly about the line in the specs where it says “Compatible with Apple watch (including Sport edition, standard edition and limited edition)” didn’t you understand???

How long is the 38 band? I’ve been blessed with large wrists and use the larger of the sport bands my watch came with.

It’s 38mm - millimeters.

That would be the width. 38mm is pretty small. My large sport band is 210mm; many non-Apple bands only go to 190mm. Was wondering if this is one of them.

Ah, gotcha. We asked the other day but haven’t heard back. Let me check in with the buyer again.

Update: And the vendor responded…
fit wrist size: 6.10 inch - 9.45 inch