Milano Collection 5x8 Persian Style Rug

consider rolling your “passed out” body in landscape.

This is true,… and I have to admit I DID buy the gloves when they were on sale in the past, but WOW.

By the way, while we’re on the flying carpet subject, this is the closest I can get so far regarding high-tech carpets:

this would go great with a crystal chandelier

A lot of popular touring bands put down Persian rugs actually, but they’re spread out under the guitarists/bassists/singers and not the drummers. That wouldn’t work too well.

That rug would really tie the room together

Edit: missed the prior post

Is this rug water resistant for unwanted miteration?

You’re better off waiting for Woot to offer the Spider eComposter again. It’s more politically correct.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

Persian style made in Romania.

I found an interesting article about this factory in Romania where they were making this rugs.
They actually filed for bankrupcy last summer and still struggling to sell over 200,000 square meters (over 2 mil sq ft) of this rugs.
The american owner closed the factories in Romania because in US, (where he’s exporting 90% of this rugs) people buying either cheap rugs made of plastic or very expensive ones made exclusively by hand. The asian producers are able to produce hand made rugs for similar prices with the ones made by mechanic machines in Romania. India and Pakistan are exporting the most this days.

Ten bucks says woot will put up ANOTHER roomba after this rug so we can have something to clean it with. One cannot have too many roomba’s! That must be a fringe benefit if you work at woot. Free parking space, dental, medical, oh yeah, and a free roomba.

Which will be higher?

  • Number of Romanian Persian rugs sold, or
  • Number of times commenters will make that Big Lebowski joke

Looks like the first sales are tying Oregon together. 100%!

Geesh, a rug. You can buy better on eBay for $30.

From the description: “The second side (often referred to as the “party side”) is for times when you want to protect it from spills or other damage displays the pattern in more subdued colors.”

The “second side” has a big label on it, and looks like the back of a rug. Who would ever use these rugs upside-down? It wouldn’t look like a more “subdued” rug, it would look like you flipped all your rugs over because you didn’t trust your messy friends.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s Imitation Ming Vase ($199) and the next night’s Southwestern Painting in Driftwood Frame (choose from “Cowboy at Sunset”, “Stampede” and “Sun-bleached Cow Skull”, each $249).

Persian Rugs: A History

Grandma? Did you steal my grandma’s rugs out from under her?

These belong in Grandma’s house - so, so dated.

Here’s one of the rugs on eBay:

Some seller

The listing is kinda suspicious.

Nightghost is MARRIED? How in the Woot does he have time for that if he is spending his days doing all of Woot’s work for them? No one gets busy at his house from Midnight to 12:30 Central, that’s for sure.

Okay, one last try at something relevant–buying guides/info that might help:

Good night, y’all.

Married with children…

i can probably only fit one hooker in this. dont want.

Those rugs Grandma had probably had centuries-old designs; Persian (“style”) rugs are timeless (otherwise, they’d call them “Iranian rugs”).

But I understand. Sometimes a room just really needs the cast of The Simpsons. :wink: