Milano Collection 5x8 Persian Style Rug

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Milano Collection 5x8 Persian Style Rug
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Does it fly?

umm seriously!?

only if your Aladdin

How about a little Magic Carpet Ride?

… are u guys done clean up your neighbor’s warehouse ?

You’re confusing this with the popular “Arabian Style”

It will make TIME fly by really slow!

you’ll fly for a while if you jump off a building with it

Persia, isn’t that Iran?

$5 shipping for 3? Now there’s a bargain.
I don’t know about the rugs.

You know, this would really tie the room together.

Is this Ok for Car-pooling?

Wait? The Alladin lamp doesn’t come with it? That’s a deal breaker for me :slight_smile:

only if my aladdin what?

Now I know why this wootoff has been missing cats. They had to keep the carpets safe!


I bought one of these in the last wootoff. I’d be mad that it’s $30 cheaper, but the color I bought is not available this time. It is a really nice rug. Very soft, plush, and pretty. I do not regret my decision to buy… rugs of this quality are WAY more expensive elsewhere. The other two rugs we have bought recently were from Overstock, and are 100% synthetic and not nearly as soft or thick as these. If you need a rug, I’d recommend this one!