Milano Collection 5x8 Persian Style Rug

Wow Ugly Rug.

yea its a $1245 ugly rug…check out the price tag

Beautiful rug. Would match the colors in my living room, too.

Spending moolah for Christmas gifts, though… maybe next time.

Is this good for sweeping things under?

I love these rugs. I wish they’d offer a few runners for the hallway spaces. I’m running out of actual rooms.

Bought one of these in the last wootoff for the same price. Very happy with the quality. I wish I were further along in my decorating to know if I needed more of them.

Burgandy and Cream. Is that the color of your vomit? Then, yes.

I’m pleased with the 1 I bought. I use it in a den area to cover the bamboo hardwood floors from possible dog nail scratches.

Really? There aren’t any “This rug would really tie my room together” jokes?? I’m disappointed in you woot.

This rug will really tie my room together

There’s always one:

ah-ha! so it would seem!