Military Brass

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Make music not war?

I hate when the shirts are this color…

Does this remind anyone else of SPORE?

Wouldn’t warfare be so much better if it were music and break-dancing competitions just like in the movies?


That black and dark green probably aren’t going to show up very well, but it is a very nice design. The yellow looks gold. :slight_smile:

i’m proud i actually recognized the tune.

Great design but…

Baritones play in Bass cleft! not treble clef.

Your shirt fails in regards to musical accuracy. otherwise I would love it!

AH! I love the 1812 Overture!


(hate the color). Will think on this one.

What kind of music would they be playing? A dirge?

What is it?

Interesting idea, but hideous.

And why choose a brass instrument with a mouthpiece in that position? Wouldn’t it have been better to have a trumpet or trombone where the mouthpiece would’ve ended up “inside” the tank, design-wise?

Would have been great to slip in a rick roll.

Noise Marines from Warhammer 40k, amirite? Anyone?

Why not play through the mouthpiece? haha. Its a pretty sweet shirt though! very creative…

Cool idea, I like the soldier with a trombone, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit, looks too rough.

I love the conductor in the tank… if you squint you can almost make out Tchaikovsky.