Mill Creek Winery Trio

Mill Creek Winery Trio
$56.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red, Estate-Grown
1 Mill Creek 2002 Estate Merlot
1 Mill Creek 2004 Estate Syrah
1 Mill Creek 2005 Estate Zinfandel

…another laaaaaaaaaaaaaaame “condition” :frowning:

I can’t get wine in georgia. So I’ll have to settle for WHINE.

Good guess, Nallie!

Mill Creek Vineyards website is there.

And the wines are here.

Darn! No Left of Starboard! :frowning:

(and the “i” is for "I’m passing this week because I gotta start saving for that second-gen iPhone!)

ooooh, Estate Trio!

The Zin and the Syrah seem yummy… but isn’t the '02 a little old for a Merlot?

I wonder if any of the winery folks could tell us the drinking windows for these wines?

Byron, no Left of Starboard :frowning: I agree – it DID sound delicious.

Estate Merlot: $22
Estate Syrah: $27
Estate Zin: $ ???
If you assume that the Zin is about $24-25, then even including woot shipping, you’re saving money on this even if you live next door to Mill Creek!

Great deal, WD. Also, “Merlot from their Mill Creek Winery was served in the White House during the Reagan administration.” is awesome. That’s really tipping the scales towards a purchase for me.

I only have 2 questions…
(1) 1 or 2?
(2) How do I afford this before my month in Israel/Amsterdam/Prague/Budapest??? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Considering they only released it a year ago, it’s probably not that old and certainly shouldn’t be nearly past its prime.

I think “mill” had the inside scoop this week; quite fitting that “mill” is the “First Sucker” for the Mill Creek Winery trio. :slight_smile:

Not to feed the “how long should I age these?” fire yet again, as it depends on the wine and the drinker, but '02 is by no means too old for most good Merlot.

I’m in for at least 1!

My only comparison to aging Merlot is aging Cab; and my sense from the Parker charts is that the Merlot-heavy Bordeauxs don’t age as well as the Cab-heavy Bordeauxs because they’re not as tannic.

In the production data they list open top for the merlot and open top fermentation for the zinfadndel. What is that? Also the Zin has a fancy (I presume french name yeast) that I am curious about. How exciting to learn some new viniculture terms; please explain.

How about asking how long should we decant?

Aren’t the Syrah and the Zin going to be a little “hot” at 15.4% and 15.9% alcohol?

Not necessarily. A well made wine can still be balanced. I’ve had 13(ish)% wines where I tasted the alcohol. I would expect very bold flavors from the wines to support the ABV.

Woot, c’mon, what gives? I bought wine from you consistently all last summer. I have not seen one single offering this summer that ships to Massachusetts. Why not? Please – get us some wine!

Becuse the beer in Prague is CHEAP! Have fun, Ams and Praha are 2 of my favs. Eat pistacious in Israel! Watch out for vampires in Budapest.

You need to find a wootlegger like mine! I admit, I have been trying to hold off the last few woots and wait until there was a MA ship option. I have grown quite thirsty and fear there may never be another. But it is thrilling when I drive in the dark to meet my wootlegger in Providence for a nice dinner and the passing of the boxes. There are always many many boxes and we DO raise eyebrows. And I am able to fully appreciate the effects of the “cult - like” hold WD has on us.

No wine for Indiana this week, too bad because these look intriguing. That 15.9% is getting high even for Zin (which typically is “big” enough to support high alcohol in a craftperson’s hands) but I’d love to give it a try. Instead I’ll have to rely on reports from my fellow wooters.

My wife and I visited this vineyard/tasting room last November. We bought a mixed case and are completely out. We loved their wines and their hospitality in their tasting room. They make a wonderful wine. I’m in for 3 as usual.

Vinification. Excellent question. Isn’t Prise de Mousse used for Champagne and sparklings?

Which wines did you buy when you were there?