Miller Wine Works 2007 Red - 2 Pack

Miller Wine Works 2007 Red - 2 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 The Works, Kimberly’s Selection, Napa Valley
1 2007 GM from High Valley, Lake County
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Man, these look right up my alley, but I’m seriously trying to stick to my SIWBM… The pH numbers are pretty high, but the alcohol isn’t too high. Light, but present oak treatment. Interesting blends. $25/btl shipped. Anything else? I may be in trouble.

They are $37 each from the winery if anyone is wondering

2 black ties in a row!
Oh My! says Commander Sulu

Couldn’t resist, had to go in for 1.

$24 off before winery shipping and $6 tax. I think I’m in trouble. I’ll wait until the morning and see how I feel.

I’m tempted, but I need a little more persuasion before I leap. CT is blank for both of these wines. Does no one in woot-land have any firsthand experience with this wine or winery? I dare not think it so.

new producer for me, been eyeing these bottles in the sample room, WD’s magic. Eager to learn a little from the winery!

I’ve gone through a couple of bottles of 2005 Miller Wine Works The Works, Kimberly’s Selection and I thought it was pretty good, but IMHO could use a few more years in the bottle. I can only imagine that the 2007 would follow suit.

I haven’t tried the GM, but some very good wines are coming out of the High Valley Lake County AVA (think Brassfield Estates). I recently did a tasting trip up there in July and I was impressed. Some tasty wines are coming out of Lake County and a lot of major players in Napa Valley are taping into the vineyards of Lake County. The grapes are more then capable, but the results lie in the hands of the winemaker.

The guy is from NY enough said…Mogan David anyone. lol

I’ve had a number of older Miller wines, all syrah blends…all have been very well-made affairs. Good structure, deep fruit…solid stuff, but not for the wimpy. Knowing the vintage, these should be very good to great wines, esp with some air or a couple 'o years. At this pricepoint and quality, one of the better-value Woot sales and easy decision. Go for it…

I’d like to know if this is a jolly miller.

That’s a mouthful.

In for 2 sets. Looks good to me.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo why no MD?

Parker gave the 2005 and 2006 both an 88. Didn’t feel the 2006 was quite as wonderful as the 2005 but gave it the same score.
For what that matters, just fyi.

Hmm I never get to be the Labrat for the black tie specials…

I’m in for 1. LOVE the logo btw, the L’s look like feet.

What would you like to know Tex ?