Miller Wine Works 2007 Red - 2 Pack

Miller Wine Works 2007 Red - 2 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping

Condition: Red
1 2007 The Works, Kimberly’s Selection, Napa Valley
1 2007 GM from High Valley, Lake County
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What’s with the “Black Tie Buy” logo? I don’t wear no stinkin ties no more.

It’s a Space Cowboy tie


pH on these are off the charts. (exaggeration for effect)

New world wine, for sure. They sound delicious for the style, but SIWBM must stand.

darn not many Cabs in this woot off

I’ve had a couple of bottles of the 2005 Kimberly’s Selection and it’s very tasty, but definitely new world. This is a great price too!

I’m interested in this wine but I’ve never purchased a black tie buy. What should I expect from this wine?

I love Grenache/Syrah blends. Probably my favorite at the moment. In for two!

This is, I’m guessing, going to be very fruit driven, not a lot of acid making it not very food friendly, but sounds really great if you enjoy this style. Big, bold, in your face, and delicious.

I do enjoy that style. You have convinced me!

I have been convinced as well…plus, I like the label.

Should I hold off on drinking this? I hope not. I’m really bad at that.

No notes on CT and nobody jumping in from the previous offering as of yet. (But, only 107 sets sold in October.)

I’ve been convinced as well…

How long do woot.offs usually last? I’m going to have to rent storage space for all this wine…

It’s $5 cheaper this time :slight_smile:

2-3 days.

On a conf call with Asia :frowning: and having a glass of wine so I figured I better replace the one my wife are splitting. This seemed like a good choice, in for one.