MiLocks Bluetooth and Keypad Deadbolt or Door Knob

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MiLocks Bluetooth and Keypad Deadbolt or Door Knob
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 09 to Tuesday, Jan 10) + transit
Condition: New


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The mother ship has these for half this price. 59. bucks.

Whats going on woot?

Amazon’s offer is for a different model number which has fewer programmable keypad options and lacks the Bluetooth features of this model.

I forget to carry my keys. Has anyone had good luck with these?

I was spending a fortune cutting keys every month. It ain’t $1 to cut a key. I bought the $50 one on amazon and asked my landlord if she minded me replacing the locket. In my case it was just a doorknob switch. The latch wasmthe same. That doorknob paid for itself in the first year. When the landlord doubled the rent with a new less, I removed my doorknob and packed it with my screwdriver. It was the first thing unpacked at the new place. I didn’t even accept a key this time, one less thing to forget about and lose. 2 years and I haven’t changed dead batteries yet. 2 sets of rechargeable and a twice a year reminder on my phone to change me.

I read the description and didn’t see anything about Bluetooth features. What are the Bluetooth features if this model?

Looks like a better deal from their site, no?

[MOD: Item can’t be ordered. May have been a limited quantity?]

That certainly looks like a better deal.

Does anyone know what the range is on the Bluetooth on these? I would love to be able to unlock a second floor exterior door from my car, so I don’t have to put down the groceries when I get upstairs.

why can’t these ever be available in oil rubbed bronze???

Here’s what I want to know: How easier are these things to hack? A regular lock can be picked, right? So does this type double our vulnerability, because it can be picked mechanically AND hacked electronically?

The page on their site let me check out through PayPal just fine. It took a couple clicks before it worked. I guess we’ll see if they ship me one or if they cancel the order.

I ordered the door knob version of this just this morning with a delivery date of Jan 11th from milocks.

As mist people know almost any key based lock can be opened given the right combinations if tools, skill and patience,The down side being, that unless you are very good, it’s also very obvious what your doing. I’ve been a freelance locksmith for a few years now, and even the 15-20 seconds it takes me to open a standard doorknob or deadbolt, it’s obvious what I’m doing to anyone to glances over. Add Bluetooth as a way to open a lock poses the same convenience and concern that wireless starters did for cars. Bluetooth is basically an available wireless network connection, and as such it would be possible for someone with again, the right tools and skills to access and control. Thus is where it us up to the software and security features implemented with the Bluetooth to ensure it doesn’t happen, and I didn’t see any of that info in the description. Ultimately, any lock can be broken, and any software/computer cracked, it’s just down to time, and whether it is worth the effort. If thus is a major concern, I would suggest contacting the company to ask about the wireless security on it. Anyway, that’s my rambling and two cents.

Good response, thanks.

???Just checked these on Amazon, and they’re coming up at 1/2 the price of this offer. Same maker. What am I missing?!

[MOD: As noted below, I don’t think you’re looking at the Bluetooth versions.]

Well said. Thanks!

Did you lookup the ones with Bluetooth? Maybe that is the difference.

I like the lever version but it doesn’t come in bluetooth form.