Mimobot USB Flash Drives

How fast are the USB 3.0 versions of the drives?

Wow they are proud of their artwork with those prices.

Jabba no botha

None of the pics show them with the USB connector out, or a view showing the width of the actual sticks. If they are too rounded they may pevent themselves from being used in some applications where there is not a lot off room between the usb ports etc.

Can someone show a picture of the device plugged into a laptop or something, or perhaps a ‘width’ picture of the device with the USB port sticking out?

On the Mimobot site you see what the drives look like without the heads and how far they stick out from a computer when in use. Example: http://www.mimoco.com/mimobots/popular-culture/star-wars/stormtrooper-unmasked-mimobot/product-details/151.aspx

We have one and have no problems with it. It sticks out about as much as your average flash drive.

Good info. Here’s the pic you linked to:


Way too expensive. here’s one on amazon for cheaper. But the fancy design aside. way too expensive for the GB.


You can get an 8GB normal flash drive for around $9 on amazon and a 32GB for around $20 on amazon.


Kinda fun but I need one small size …like 1 or 2 Gig to store a back up of office art work to take to the printer when I order 500 copies or more. Maybe keep it in mind for next time?

What’s not to love from a cute usb filled with fun stuff? I own several that sit on my shelves with my other collections.

Mimoco has been selling designer collectible USB drives since 2005. The price is decent considering you’d be buying this not only for the functionality but the design as well. They’re collectible drives. They have limited runs and they’ll eventually retire open run designs. They also come pre-loaded with goodies such as icons, screen savers, and/or wallpapers for your computer.

I’d buy a Minion USB flash drive, especially if it could say “bee-do, bee-do, bee-do.”

I want a little minion figure that says that sooooooo bad. I’m surprised they don’t make one yet.

I can’t believe The Flash didn’t sell out first. I thought more people would think themselves clever for saying, “Here, use my Flash drive!”

Those Jar-Jars will likely never sell at any price.

these would be ok for the house if you’re a fan of a character. but they are a pretty expensive niche item.

I think we need a minion side sale TT!
I would totally buy that too!

I’d gladly dispense with all the frewfraw “goodies”, if they’ll drop their price. Sorry, but decent quality flash drives should be less than $1/GB.

Also, unless their limited runs are in VERY limited quantities (say, less than 5000), AND numbered, AND you leave this in the packaging without ever using it, there’s no collectible value.

Sorry, but I’ve gotten these on clearance at a much better price (like close to 50% what Woot is asking), and they were expensive at that price point. Pass.

Hi there! Customer service from Mimobot checking in!

@jbubriski: When using USB 3.0, the average read speed for is 60-80MB/s, and average write speed is ~20-30 MB/s. Hope this helps!

@theguruguys: Mimobots are collector’s items, too! I’ve spoken with customers who have 30, 50, and even 80 Mimobots! Wow! You can check our website for pictures of Mimobots in action for reference size-wise.

@kerry400: We used to carry smaller sizes, but our customer’s need for capacities increased over time. An 8GB is the perfect size for most customers – you can have extra room for some music or a movie or two!

@tehlilone: Too cool! So fun to hear from Mimobot collectors! It’s true – Mimobots are great collector’s items. Our Facebook page has a small community of people who buy, sell and trade our limited edition runs!

@Pamini & Thunderthighs: We love Minions here! We’ve actually received a lot of requests for a Mimobot version. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

@nivram: Our Limited edition Mimobots are in small, limited runs – sometimes as few as 250! They’re definitely a treasure and customers often buy two at a time – one to use and one to keep!

I always see these things for like 5 dollars on bestbuy.

In any case you can find a decent 8gb flashdrive from a good brand for about 7 or 8 bucks these days. The novelty of these drives don’t warrant the insane price.

Having a Jar Jar flash drive is a security measure. No one will ever try to steal it from you. :slight_smile: