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2021 08 24 Coworkers keep mentioning tacos today


Your drawings are adorable! More importantly thank you for working where you do and supporting your fellow coworkers with so fun and uplifting cuteness.


Thank you for the compliment! I don’t work the streets or the call center and my office may not have windows (got to keep those records secure) but we do have a couch and several chairs that we invite any coworkers to sit on and vent if need be. Most of the time though, people just sass each other in our office.

Speaking of vents, we have the coolest (temperature-wise) air vent in the building so officers will regularly swing by just to stand under it on particularly hot days.


You are just as important as any other person who works there and you are still in a high stress work environment. You hear the stories and see your coworkers when they return. The little things like your pictures, a place to vent or joke around or to sit under a cool air vent are all things that make your coworkers have a better day.

My best friend is a paramedic for one department (15 yrs) 24 on 48 off and paramedic/firefighter for another (almost 20 yrs) goes in on least one of his days off from his other job.

The mental health crisis that is affecting our 1st responders is so often overlooked and I truly appreciate anyone trying to brighten their days.


2021 08 25


For sure it is a high-stress environment even if I’m not going out on the calls or listening in dispatch. For me, one of the worst parts is responding to FOIA requests where someone wants bodycam footage of some horrific event because we have to watch it from start to finish (on each responding officer’s camera) to make sure we mute or blur anything that shouldn’t be released to the public (e.g. when someone says their SSN or when a child is in view). We all pretty much lean on each other whenever any of us goes through or is exposed to something traumatic. The mental health crisis is real for 1st responders and a lot of people seem to forget that we’re people too.


Something I had not considered, wow - I know that most of the video clips that are put out I won’t be able to handle, so I don’t watch them. I am probably one of the few who didn’t watch the George Floyd video bc I am so empathetic and knowing there was nothing I could do to help would have torn me apart. (I am not trying to imply that people who watched weren’t empathetic, just know my limits).

I truly applaud you for all that you do!! Thank you!

The friend I mentioned is on the IL Mental Health Council for 1st Responders in IL - trying to change the culture, offer more mental health services, take the “shame” put of needing to talk to someone.


2021 08 26



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2021 08 27


Can you draw Jasmine and her tiger Raja?

I can add Aladdin to the list of themes but I’m probably not going to have much to show for this week. We’re in hurricane mode right now and I’ve already been told not to come in on Monday. I was already going to be out Tuesday to mourn my mom who passed a year ago from cancer but I guess we’ll just add a hurricane on top of that. Sending good vibes out to everyone who’s riding out this storm and well wishes to all the 1st responders working before, during, and after. Stay smart and stay safe.


My thoughts and prayers are with you - my mom passed from cancer too


2021 09 01

Made it through Ida. Sandbags and quick demo of a section of fence during the storm saved our house from flooding (water was within an inch of coming in the front door). We sprung a leak in our roof and we had a foot of water in our shed. Overall, tolerable.

Work lost part of the roof and had some minor flooding (thanks sandbags). We currently have no AC. It’s just hot (current outside feels like 101° with 72% humidity). Hoping to keep our cool with a lot of fans circulating air.


Hope you can

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Nuts! Glad you’re ok and I hope they’re all easy fixes.


Your work is gorgeous, and I’ve sent a prayer up for you and yours.


So, this is my backyard flooding over a span of 90 minutes.

My dogs enjoyed the yard-sized pool when we finally let them outside afterward though.


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a) I’m sorry you had to go through this, but also glad it wasn’t worse
b) your dogs look VERY happy
c) did it really recede that quickly account for 5 minute intervals as well?