Miner Family 375ml Holiday Sampler (4)

Miner Family Half-Bottle Holiday Sampler 4-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $141.25) 47% off List Price
Bottle Size 375ml (Half-Bottle)
2010 Miner Family Viognier, Simpson Vineyard 375ml
2006 Miner Family, The Oracle, Napa Valley Red Wine 375ml
2006 Miner Family Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville 375ml 2-Pack
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What’s with all these mini bottles?!

Tick tock, tick tock… Nap time!

…easier to sneak into the movie theater…

But they won’t arrive in time for The Hobbit opening night…

not embarrassed to admit: going to a 3D 48fps showing on Friday.

Wootbot says: We think the 2010 gets made fun of by the 2006s for being the baby of this four-pack.

I think the 2010 gets made fun of because of her “screw-head”.

On the serious side, this looks like some exceptional juice…Both of the 2006’s are 90+ rated in CT.

The 2006 Oracle sells for $125 for a 750ml bottle on the winery website, so this is an exceptional offer.

I’m in for 2…separate transactions of one each…shipped one to my sis!

Delete…duplicate post

Miner’s The Oracle is a great bottle of wine. I cannot recall which vintage I had (and don’t recall tasting noted beyond it is excellent), but I’m glad to have another bottle of it waiting in my cellar. :happy:

Very surprised this is not moving faster and is not being well received by the WW crowd!

I’m confused about the Oracle vintage - says 2006, but description reads, in part, “The cooler 2005 vintage stands out for its ideal ripening conditions that allowed for incredible complexity, color and nuance.”