Mini Derby

Another thread got me thinking about a question I’ve had for a while.

The Derby schedule is stated as:
Monday at noon: Main Derby theme is announced and opens for submissions and voting
Thursday at noon: Main Derby submissions and voting closes
Thursday at 12:01pm: Mini-Derby theme announced and opens for submissions and voting
Friday at 12:01am: 1st place for sale on Shirt.Woot
Saturday at 12:01am: 2nd place for sale on Shirt.Woot
Sunday at 12:01am: 3rd place for sale on Shirt.Woot
following Monday at 12:01am: Honorable Mentions Plus Sale launches

The only Derby I’ve ever really seen announced are what seem to be the main Derbies (this week “_____giving” and the next being “Espionage” All the derbies I’ve entered seem to have started on Thursday and go through Thursday of the following week with no other derby announced in between. Just saying the main Derby seems to go from Thursday at 12:01 pm through the next Thursday at 12:00 pm.

So is the Espionage Derby that starts at noon today the main derby or the mini derby? How does one know what the mini derby is? Is either one posted in a separate place?

Needless to say, I’m slightly confused LOL

Any clarification would be appreciated.

That is old info.
The mini derby is gone.
It ran for a time. And now it is no more.