Mini Fridges & Wine Fridges

What is the internal height of the compact fridge, the larger one?

I am looking for something to use to build a kegerator and I need to be able to store kegs at least 30 inches tall (soda kegs).

We did not get a smaple and I’m not seeing anything more than exterior dimensions on the Interwebs.

Is it possible to learn the temperature range this can be set at? We like our whites quite cold and the fridge is fine for those. I’m looking to bottle age some really good reds, that is best done at about 52 - 62 degrees. 57 is probably ideal. Would both of these zones do that?

Hey there! You should be able to check on the temperature range for each of these in the specs tab. Feel free to let us know if we missed one, but in spot checking it looks like they should be there for all of them!

My mini-fridge I use for soda kegs is ~32" high on the exterior. It has no freezer compartment and there is about 5.25" of space from the top of the keg/ball-lock assembly and the top of the inside of the fridge.

Two other websites show the interior of the fridge having a freezer compartment and an Amazon review also mentions a freezer. Assuming we get about an inch more of usable height (being generous) and the freezer is enough to store two boxes of frozen personal pizzas, I’d say you’d be cutting it really close.

Not to mention I don’t know the interior usable footprint, or if there’s a hump in the back to take into consideration… I was thinking about snagging one of these for a second kegerator but without this kind of information I personally am passing on it.