Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Music Transmitter



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Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Music Transmitter
$23.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
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Well spam magnet, there you go…


What does this even do?


Allows you to use a bluetooth audio device with something it was never meant to work with. Like your old walkman tape player.


$33 on amazon and relatively good reviews:

I have a question tho: can you plug it into an input and receive audio from another device? I want to use BT from my phone to my car’s receiver, but i dont want to but the $100 BT receiver add-on. will this work if i plug it into the aux input?

edit- nvm there is a receiver model specifically for what im looking for:


Amazon $33
112 Reviews
5 star:
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No, you need a receiver, not a transmitter.


Yawn. Really?


hahaha BOUGHT IT!


Most bad reviews complain about short range and battery life.


I’ve had bad luck with Bluetooth audio transmitters and receivers insofar that the cheaper ones tend to not transmit low frequencies well (or at all). Can anyone find a frequency response range for this gizmo? I’m coming up empty.


All of my audio needs are on my tablet, phone, or laptop to go outbound to an audio receiving device. I need that port to be a innie not an outie. Isn’t that the usual situation most face? You know to receive bluetooth from my devices and send the sound to a device that actually produces sound.


i just found the receiver/input device on amazon:


Umm, when you Woot-Off something made by Mini-Jack, is it now a Mini-Jack-Off? Just wondering.


Then they need to not call it a transmitter,or you need to double check.


… I got nuthin


Now, I’m really confused. I assumed that since it was a male 3.5 jack that it is expecting an output not an input.

UPDATE: Ok… I get it now. I can see how this would be useful. I was looking at things from a portable device-centric point of view and not understanding it’s real purpose.




I can actually see one really good use for this, however I really don’t want to shell out the money to see if it will.

If it did work, this would be exactly what I need to plug into my Amplitube iRig

Im sure it does work great, but I am really not willing to take the risk…