Mini Quilt Sets

I really wish there was a warmth rating on blankets.

Does anyone know where these can be bought now that the woot sale has ended?

It may be (or will be) in another event. You can check Plus sales easily in the thread linked in my signature. It’s updated each weekday by about 9:30am.

Hey woot what is up? The shams were missing from our order so I emailed you. No response after the first auto email. Waited a week and emailed you again. Still no response and no shams. What’s up??

Have you checked your spam or junk folder for a response from CS?

Did anyone else order these quilts and not get the shams? I contacted Woot the day I got my delivery (10-01-13) and today (10-09-13), they responded that they cannot supply me with the missing shams, but they will give me $5 or I can return the quilt. None of those options are acceptable. I like the quilt and the 3 pillows I bought, I would just like to get everything that I was supposed to get in my order.

I wrongly assumed that would be as good as when it came to messed up orders, boy was I wrong. Worst customer service ever.

This was my first order from and it is also my last order from