Mini Remote Control Helicopter

I’ve actually already got three of these Helicopters (bought in an earlier Wootoff), but I’d pay $10 if it comes with a copy of Ice Pirates! :smiley:

Roomba next?

great heaping gobs of newtonian apples…it defies Grav-eh-tay!!!

what happened to the roomby?


missed it.

want roomba cause its next!

No, it comes with an often repeated episode of Ducktails.

romba next

Wow that was fast.

bah. Roomba came up for me werid

Damn fast >>


i saw a roomba for a split second, were just like bono now it said

I saw the Roomba too

Wow, I remember this. XD

yeah I got it too

me too. guess what’s next.

argh! got to watching tv cause of tornado and softball sized hail, and totally missed the helicopter

That was definetly weird… roomba…

I already have a mini helicoptor, I need a random bag of carp

Can’t talk about the roomba, eh?