Mini USB Clip-On Webcam

product(s): 1 Mini USB Clip-On Webcam STWN0001
condition: New
$0.99 + $5 shipping

is this any good?

Ha. It dosn’t support Windows ME. Smart move.

i would get it… if the resolution wasnt so bad. I have like a bazillion webcams with bad resolution like this :frowning:

decent product again… i have a feeling this woot will be sold out within the half day… good one… also, here are the comparison shopping links

.99 cents is back!

is this better than my creative notebook pro webcam?

Wow, I really don’t want one…but it’s so cheap…and I did stay up for it…

Shit, I guess I’m in for 3.

resolution is crappy, i’ll pass

Finally something i can give my parents in return for all those years of socks and led flashlights at xmas!

Oh great now I must go read what I purchased. Sigh

What is an appropriate webcam resolution?

What is the resolution of a MacBook camera?

(Just for comparison)

LOL My computer’s gonna laugh at me if I get this webcam. It looks so cheaply made (in China). It might just break before you even start using it. :smiley:

no ones posting quickly because everyone’s snagging one :slight_smile:

in for 3. i’m in sore need of a real webcam (something other than an eyetoy).

Ok, I got three. What good are they?

Anyone have any idea who the manufacturer is or the actual product name? I want to see if it is compatible with the macam driver for, well, macs.

99 cents. In for 3! At worst, I’m out eight bucks. At best, I have 8 less bucks to keep track of.

heck for 99 cents, I will buy 3 even though I dont have any use for them, but I am going to have one hell of a garage sale next spring, all my woot crap

At worst, you have three more “stuffs” to keep track of.