Mini USB Web Cam 2 Pack

Mini USB Web Cam 2 Pack
$17.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Mini USB Web Cams

Ridiculously bad quality. I’d only recommend for equally ridiculously ugly people.

Does this have a brand name?

Does anyone know if you can use these to view over the internet - say to check on the dogs when you are not at home???

what is the brand name?

How’s the image quality on these things? Looks like a good deal to me, I might have to jump on this.

Seems that Froogle’s got 'em cheap, but not this cheap, and certainly not in plural. Good woot.

Wish we knew what the OS requirements are and if they are Mac compatible (since other family has Macs)…

I’m thinking that these are the same quality as the logitech webcam that came with the keyboard from a previous woot.

Is the description a play on the old AT&T “You Will” commercials? That’s what I thought of instantly…

spy cam?

How would you power and transmit remotely if, say, you wanted to monitor areas around your house remote from the computer?

Where’s the podcast ???

Has Matthew slipped out early for a Valentine’s date?

$18.99 for 1 on Froogle. Not a bad deal Woot!.. but not for me.

No ichat compatability? No buyality.

These sell for $17.40 EACH shipped on ebay
Ebay link
Not a Great deal but I’m in for a couple

I believe this is the same…

Woot has it for a little cheaper if you need TWO…

From the product description:

Alright, Woot writers, you know I love you…really, I do…but did you perchance mean Charlie Babbitt??? (Raymond Babbitt, actually?)

Or did something just zoom right over my head? (Wouldn’t be surprised if it did…LOL!)

Edited to say that someone already answered me. Thanks!

i guess you could use it to watch outside of your house. you’d need a light source. would have been nice to have time lapse servalence when my car got broken into in my driveway

I’ll pass.

USB 1.1 limits it to roughly 64048015fps. Good, but not better than a typical cellphone using its built-in camera will get you. And we all have cellphones with built-in low-rez cameras - or most of us do. You can’t buy a phone lately without it having a camera in it, afterall.

If it were one USB 2.0 camera for $15-20, I’d be all over it.