Miniature Express Train Set


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Miniature Express Train Set
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Fenfa International 262712L Express Train Set

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Sweet, Im in for three.


Got 1 for my daughter :slight_smile:


what scale is this woot?


3 for me, stocking stuffers and all…



aww woot you guys rock! its such a cute little set!


Only TWO additional cars??? LOL


3 for me, these better not be the one from the dollar store!


Ironically a train passed by as I read the product info


Grabbed three for around the tree. I’m keeping them all.


This is a perfect under the tree train set that wont really matter if the pets destroy it.


This Woot reminds me of an old saying… Model trains and a woman’s hooters are both made for children but normally it is grown men who end up playing with them.


Trains – perfect for the holidaze.


PERFECT. The kids will LOVE it!!
Thank You WOOT!


What scale is this?


I got three. I can put all three sets together and make a larger train and track. The cats will go crazy.


I wonder if there’s a way to buy three sets of track to make up one hu-mon-gous track.


argh… so tempting… but I have that $10 earmarked for something else… dammit. why couldn’t this be NEXT week when I will actually have cash


Got 1 for my little guy.
I guess it makes up for missing the B.O.C. for the woot - off