MINOX Binoculars

Two choices - who’d like to start by comparing these brands to others?

I have a nice pair of Nikon binoculars - but the rubber and softer plastic has degraded to the point of being tacky/sticky and making using them not much fun. will these have that problem also?

wow, how old are they? did store them in a hot area? You should contact Nikon, you can probably get replacement eye cups. That could have been a problem with that year… I have no facts just speculation…

I have a good set of mid to lower midlevel binocs that I’ve had for over 25 years and they’re just fine…

Looks like they were up for $119 on Deals.Woot a short time ago.

and four people on Sierra Trading Post seem to like them!

There isn’t a “BF” line listed on the minox website, so these are probable fairly old to begin with.

thanks for advice. they are about 15 yrs old and lightly used. have been stored inside (not in a hot attic, etc). will have to follow-up with Nikon.

Minox is nice but there are plenty of other brands & models available either at a better price and/or a steeper discount.
It’s really a good idea to test-look a pair of binocs before buying because the alignment is critical. If it’s not perfect (and you see images even slightly offset), then the binocs are useless at any price.

I did some research and this is a US only version BF with the same specs. as a german version BV(different appearance/color) according to some unverified sources. Did not find out where it is made but I suspect it is of chinese origin. P.S. This is a relatively new item and all the reviews seem to favor them.

Damn, Woot missed a perfect “MINOX chewing on the power cables” Star Wars joke here…

Confirmed made in china but still probably one of the best deals on roof prism binocs.

Phase correction puts the price in very competetive range.

I’ve been looking at Binoculars recently, and there are a whole class of 8x42 and 10x42 power roof prism bino’s available that all look very similar. They are sold by most of the brand names out there.

I think there is a Chinese factory that can put these out with varying case designs. They all are nitrogen sealed and have phase corrected optics.

I have a very similar Konus 10x42 binoculars that I bought on a vacation. I’m no expert, but I was very happy with them. They handled the rain well and delivered bright focused images.

This is a decent price for this class of Binoculars.

The 8x power is a nice magnification. Too much more and they would be difficult to hold steady.

Can someone please explain why when both binoculars seem to have basically the same description, why the 10x have a retail price of $129 and a Woot price of $89, while the lower magnification, 8x, has a retail price of $229 and a Woot price of $129?!? In short, why is the seemingly better pair substantially cheaper?

The 8x42s are significantly larger and more light sensitive while 10x25s are more of a portable binocular with higher magnification and less light sensitivity.

On 10x25 vs. 8x42 pricing: I don’t know much about binoculars, but did some reading trying to figure out what made the best ones for sports (particularly football) viewing. First thing I learned is that higher magnification isn’t always “better”. Especially on compact models.

From a size standpoint, x42 models are about as big as I want to carry around, but I’d definitely pay more for a good pair of 8x42’s vs. 10x25’s to get the (hopefully) clearer/brighter image and the wider field of vision.

But whether this particular manufacturer/model is worth the price…I have no idea. That’s why I’m here reading other people’s comments. :slight_smile:

Because magnification has nothing to do with how good (or bad) any particular set of binoculars are. Given that the lenses and frame for the larger set of binoculars are going to be more expensive to produce, it would make sense that the 8x set would be more expensive. The view through the 8x set will be better too because of the larger objective lenses which let in more light. IMO, 20 to 25mm objective lenses are too small for 10 power, and are not worth buying in any brand, much less Minox.

That being said, everyone should know that the low-end Minox binoculars have pretty good build quality, but the quality of the lenses and focus mechanism are somewhere between dismal and mediocre. Focus wheels have noticeable backlash, and the lense coatings are not very good, which gives poor color-correction. At these price points, there are still much better buys to be found out there. These two sets of binoculars are only worth about 50-60% of what they are selling here for.

Wow, I didn’t know that Minox was still in the market!!!.This is a great German company, best known for its spy cameras. I have a Minox 35ML 35MM that I acquired in the late 80’s and it is great, still working, although that finding film for it in the digital era is somewhat difficult. So if these are as good as their cameras you are getting a great product!

German brand name but made in China. If these binoculars were made in Germany they probably would cost above $500 each.

True, as unfortunately economic trend has forced a lot of companies to search for less expensive ways of manufacturing. Hopefully they will stand behind their name and reputation.