Mint Hard Floor Cleaner

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Looks like an Apple iClean…

Check out these comments from when this was offered in May

In case anybody else was wondering, Evolution Robotics “Mint” is now branded as iRobot’s “Braava”.

I would be wary. Several reviewers echo what this guy says: “it was more work stopping the machine and putting on a new clean cloth every couple of minutes than it would be mopping it myself.”

Most of the 5-star reviews on Amazon have only had the device for a week so they couldn’t know very well yet how it truly works.

I’ve been waiting for a floor cleaner like this to come on woot. Any one have any first hand experience? I don’t exactly have a lot of money to spend so I don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t do anything.

I havea microfiber dust mop I can save the money and push it my self and do a better job…

[youtube=u6fn_cdnN_c]Mint cleaning robot in mop and sweep modes [/youtube]

Heh, I just posted about this yesterday somewhere. I bought this back in May, have used it everyday since and love it (running daily since May 18). It’s not all fancy and powerful. It doesn’t scrub. It rolls about my place Swiffering the heck out of my wood floors, gathering up the dust bunny spawn from where they hide underneath furniture, and that’s really all I need it to do. I run the mop mode once a week in each room, and sweep mode everyday. I use the disposable pads, and it picks up all kinds of dust, dirt, pollen, hair, and even those annoying strands of hay that magically appear everywhere in my house even though the rabbit stays in one room (as far as I know). I hate doing floors, and I am super lazy when it comes to cleaning. I did one deep clean on the floors, and have had the Mint doing maintenance, and my floors have never stayed so clean for so long. I balked at spending several hundred on fancier models, but $140 was reasonable, and I don’t regret it.

My advice to people considering buying it, is to be realistic. It doesn’t replace a good scrub. It won’t suck up all those peas your kid drops under the table while you’re not looking. It’s a robot Swiffer. It will gather up all that shed monster hair under the bed. The mopping mode isn’t up to your grandmother’s standards, but it’s good enough for in between jobs. Definitely my favorite Woot! purchase so far.

This video is accurate of my experience. The mop mode is fine for light stuff. For gooey thick stuff, you’ll need to put in a bit of bending and elbow grease. If you’re floor regularly looks like the ketchup and congealed coffee, you’ll want something a bit more powerful than the Mint.

For the sweeping mode test, they should have put some typical dry mess on the floor for testing and then given a shot of the floor and the pad at the end. Even a human powered dry mop is not going to get that day-old ketchup and congealed coffee off the floor.

I have the iRobot branded model (looks identical) which I got from Best Buy on Christmas.

It does NOT do as good a job as a human. However, it does not complain like one either. Just let it run through more often. This one is SUPER silent. One can not even tell it is running often times even if I am in the room with it.

I just use disposable swiffer style sheet and toss it afterwards.

how is this with picking up kitty litter and pet fur ?

I’ve had a Mint for almost 2 years. We have two cats. The Mint does an awesome job getting in the spaces that you can’t easily get to. Under the couches, coffee table, dining room table, etc. I have never used the wet option. The dry option certainly picks up enough cat fur to make you feel like a hoarder. The nav cube eats the batteries more often than I would like. I wish I could just plug it into the wall. I have used the two cloths that come with it since I got it. I scrub it in the shower and hang to dry it. If you put it in the washing machine you can’t use softener. Only takes a minute to scrub it by hand and then air dry. All in all I love this thing.

It does just as well as you would do pushing around a Swiffer sweeper. This is not a vacuum.

Will this do multiple rooms, or just where the navigation box is?

Years ago I got a deal on a couple of pallets of Robomaids which I then sold on Amazon. These appear to work about the same way, but sweeping in a pattern rather than random.

I had an experience with a Robomaid that I don’t want to repeat. I turned it on and went out. When I returned, I found that the sweeper had caught a small piece of gravel and drug it around the living room, scratching up the hardwood floors. It looks like the Mint would do the exact same thing. Any comments from someone who has one of these?

I would really prefer to have a robot do the cleaning, but only a human knows when to stop before destroying the floor. If only I weren’t so lazy…

How does it compare against neato XV 12,

I have both. One doesn’t replace the other.

The mint is more of a swifter than an actual mop, but you can simulate mopping by leaving small puddles of cleaning solution around the area it will clean. Even the wet cloth on the mint is more like a wet swifter than an actual mop. To clean my apartment, I run the mint once, dry. Then I run the neato, then I run the mint again, with the wet cloth. The mint gets into some areas the neato cant because its smaller, but the mint also has a tendency to get stuck behind my couch if I forget to block the area off. In all this process leaves my floors super clean. But then again, I have tile and pergo in my apartment. That stuff is pretty easy to clean anyway.

I bought one a while back, and for the most part, I really like it. If your floors are really, really dusty, you may need to let it do its thing a few times the first time you use it(or babysit it and change the cloths every 10 minutes), but after that, you’re good to go! The scrubbing mode is sorta worthless, and I’d only use that if the floor was already pretty clean and I just wanted to wipe up light water marks or small droplets of spills. It’s as quiet as a mouse, so I run it at night right when I go to bed.

I hate to clean, and so for me, this thing is the answer to my prayers. Yes, swiffering is easy and quick, but if you’re like me and you even hate doing that, the Mint is the answer. Oh…I buy the dusting cloths at the dollar store. They work just as good as the more expensive ones.

The XV12 is a vacuum - this is just a mop. They are completely different!