Mint Hard Floor Cleaner

Here it was the first time it went up for sale

Mint? Does it come in other flavors?

(Sorry, had to do it.)

Umm any one has any experience with this? I just installed laminate wood flooring throughout my entire home… Yay or nay?

This makes me wish I had hardwood floors! :wink:

Ooooh Cool… an Apple Macintosh Mini that will clean my desk for me!

Currently #2 best selling Robotic Vacuum product on Amazon (for $199 I might add), behind only an iRobot replacement battery.

Robot Vacuum Best Sellers

Seems good enough for me to give one a try for my hardwood floors.

I am very unhappy with mine. The navigation sucks. It is very slow and does not even come close to the job you can do using the normal swiffer wet cloth (not enough weight/pressure on the cleaning cloth). It also gets stuck very easily especially under furniture. I tried to return mine after a few weeks but woot refused to accept the return. I’ll think twice before buying anything else here.

Is it smart enough to not mop my carpet? I have tile in my dining room and kitchen but carpet in the living room and no way to block off the carpet. I have heard the scooba stays off the carpet but I didnt know if this would or not.

Has to be a fire sale. Looks like iRobot just bought Mint.

That being said, I’m still somewhat interested …

Can it do an entire house (around hallway corners), or just one room at a time?

Someone asked about other owners. I bought the 5200 (this one is the 4200 today on woot). We’ve had this 5200 for over a month and I’d buy it again.

However I also own an iRobot Roomba so my bet is that because we have both the effect is why I’d buy both again.

That is, we run the Roomba and then later use the Mint 5200 for the tile area wet and the wood floor with the Swiffer pad.

No issues with the Mint climbing onto carpet as someone asked. I wish I had something bad to say but this Mint feels like an evolved model. That is, my bet is there were models before this one that were not as “Shiny.”

There are some pretty good reviews and comparisons with the Scooba at the Evolution Robotics forum.

I have to second the slow review! My 2 year old would do it faster (If she knew how to) However it is uncanny how it seems to cover the entire room though going around in what seems to be very random directions. Also if you are using the swiffer disposable pads, they would dry up way to fast to mop even a quarter of a room… I am a bit pissed I paid $20 more than todays price but if you are not in a hurry to clean the room & give it it’s time it will get the job done…

I have this one and like it a lot. It is not perfect - it can leave things along the edges. And the Swiffer wet sheets are horrible, leaving behind a streaky, miserable mess - but that’s not the fault of the Mint. Use the dry electrostatic pads for the initial dry clean, and then soak the wet pad in water/vinegar to use for a wet mop. Much better, cheaper, and greener.

I use it for maintenance cleaning (dog fur, crumbs) and then mopping. It does a very reasonable job, but it won’t be mind-blowing spotless. Just very good, and you didn’t have to work hard. My wife, who’s picky about cleaning, gives the mopping function her seal of approval.

I put the GPS signal in the middle of the kitchen, set the unit down, activate, and walk away. It’s much smarter than a Roomba, and quieter. OTOH, the Roomba can cover changes in topography, and the Mint won’t even traverse a soft floor map, choosing to go around it.

Basically, a positive review - but you have to understand its limitations.

#2 out of…what? Just how many robotic vacuums are there in the wild?

Do NOT buy a Mint or a Roomba! BUY A NEATO!!! I’ve had 2 different model Roombas and 1 Neato and the Roombas?? Nothing but problems… The Neato? Excellent, fast, efficient, incredibly easy cleaning. Out of these 4 categories its years in front of the competitors, there should be no question. I got mine on Woot a year and half ago but I’ve seen it back on about every month since then. My easy testimonial:

I live in Scottsdale, I have an 1800 sqft place, and my Neato is set for 1400 ft of it to clean. It takes 1.5-2 hours after the 10th try (It definitely learns, like described, how to go through rooms quicker after repetition…) No STUPID Roomba “cricket” room cleaning that does stupid random patterns that take forever, instead it vacuums room by room like you would cut a lawn, entering a room and scanning it- then going up and down w/o overlapping. When its dead mid-clean, it returns to the base (after 3rd consec cleaning it was no prob finding base on its own), charges, and then starts back up to finish the job. Best Woot purchase I’ve ever made!!

lol exactly, its like stupid random stats you see on Sportscenter that have so many variables its pointless to give 2nd thought!

I say nay - I hate laminate floors.

Sort of off subject, but I have a small bit of advice about laminate floors through out your home. Buy yourself a few extra boxes of flooring to keep on hand so when you get a water leak in the kitchen, you will be able to simply replace the warped & buckled areas (because it WILL warp & buckle if the leak is bad enough). If you don’t keep enough on hand, you might find that now you have to replace the entire freaking house because it’s magically become a discontinued and hard to find floor.
We had this happen to us and as a result upgraded to hardwood when we had to replace the floor. Thank goodness for home owners’ insurance.

Right? I’m thinking it’s an AppleTV and Ouya combo deal?? lol