Minuteman 325VA Uninterruptible Power Supply



Only 4 outlets? Shame…


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Minuteman 325VA Uninterruptible Power Supply
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Minuteman Uninterruptible Power Supply - MN325


interesting might buy one for my soon to be built fileserver


hm… doesn’t look bad for the price if it’s something special… otherwise I’d get something like this at Staples for the same price most likely


Here I am once again with a bunch of semi-useful links:

Froogle Link

Yahoo! Shopping Link

Shopzilla Link


Was in the market for one of these. Thanks.


Froogle link

$30 on Froogle


500 Jouls surge rated, not worth the box it comes in, over priced for the little surge protection provided.

Nite Nite Woot


will this be enough to power my 500w pc when the powers go’s off??


That’s not much power protection. These are easy to get cheap after rebate. But, I have a woot disease and there’s no rebate hassles.

I think I’ll pass.


i say “feh”

you can usually find 500 va’s on sale (after rebate) at most stores, and i would take APC over this brand anyday


Kinda like my APC brand thats been working for several years

looks pretty cool though, cheaper than I paid…


I was wondering if this comes with jumper cables


Wonderful. A new UPS for the same price I paid for the battery for my old one, which I installed yesterday.


haha I love to watch the people who wait until the new woot comes up and then they see it and are not happy whatsoever… then they can’t get to sleep because they have been staring at the bright computer screen for so long…

O man WOOT i love the joy of the new day you bring to us…even if this power supply isn’t cool.

My father uses many of them at his office, and they have never had any problems from my knowledge.


How does this compare to the Cyberpower type devices at the local big box stores?


I like the warranty and I like the price, I LOVE THE $25,000/- insurance…

I do feel lucky though…

plus I’m already carrying a balance over on my credit card…

if only the $5/- shipping wasn’t there for this specific item…



Great idea for a w00t. Maybe next time they will have a higher model.


3.6 minutes full load backup time