MIO Alpha Sports Watch

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MIO Alpha Sports Watch
Price: $129.99
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Time to learn all about Mio and check out the product page

I believe this is the version one product (they have a second version now). So the correct full retail price is $169, $199 is for version 2.

Reviews over at Best Buy

Anyone know the visibility of this display in the sunlight vs that of the Mio Fuse ?

I can’t speak about the Fuse but I have this watch. It’s easy to see in sunlight but it is not backlit which makes is useless at night. In terms of use during workouts it works well. It pairs with my iPhone and you can use the data with fitness apps. If you are looking for something to track heart rate on land or in water this worked well for me. The battery also lasts a long time compared to other HR watches.

I ALMOST bought this, and then I read this—

“The heart rate function does not run constantly. You have to turn it on and off.”

from this article–http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2414600,00.asp

Just like my heart… oh wait. That’s not right.

Let’s hear from some owners of this watch. Personal reviews are the best.

**Have they fixed iOS (iPhone) compatibility issues yet?[b/]

I purchased one of these watches several months ago on Amazon to get away from having to wear a chest strap to record heart rate during long runs. Bottom line: I had to return the watch because is was unable to successfully sync with my iPhone. When I contacted the manufacturer, they told me that they were having issues with the then current version of iOS (8.2). At the time, the manufacturer could not tell me when they would fix the iOS compatibility issue. Consequently, I returned the watch. I’m back to wearing my Polar heart rate chest strap. It works!

You have to turn it on but according to an Amazon reviewer it stays on and continues to monitor and display you heart rate until you turn that function off.
“when it says continuous heart monitoring , does it show HR non stop while working out ? Jan 4, 2015
Yes - it shows continuously. With the watch on your wrist, you push the HR button on the RHS, it says FIND on the screen and then the HR is picked up and displayed in large font (as per the marketing pictures). It is easy to see whilst working out and responds to changes quickly. Hope this helps. Craig”

Does the band blister your arm like my FitBit does? No, it’s not too tight. Yes, I keep it clean. Yes, I shower too.

Thanks, this info would be very helpful, but since I read that article in PC mag that said you had to press a button every time you wanted to check your HR, I’m uncertain. That really wouldn’t make a lot of sense, since the main function of this “watch” is to monitor HR.

Hey Thunder, can you please clarify. Will this unit continuously monitor HR for the duration of a workout without having to press a button every time you want to check ?

Please check out the link to the article I sent above from PC Mag.

I don’t know anything about this unit and it will be hard to get hold of the vendor on the weekend.

I did find the manual. I think page 5 answers your question.

Thanks Thunder, it sure sounds like it will display one’s HR continuously, as long as it’s turned on. Perhaps I misunderstood the article in PC Mag, or maybe it wasn’t clear.

Interesting device, but seems to be lacking in technology . . . HR monitor without chest strap is cool, but that’s all it does? How about connecting to the GPS on the phone like a Echo Fit and getting additional data available on the wrist without having to look at the phone strapped to my arm. Just doesn’t seem to be the device I’m looking for, I need a different droid.