Mio C720T 4.3” GPS with Text to Speech, Bluetooth and 2MP Camera

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New Mio C720T 4.3” GPS with Text to Speech, Bluetooth and 2MP Camera, for $199.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Mio C720T 4.3” GPS with TTS, Bluetooth, and 2MP Camera

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How is this compare to the $150 GPS that was on Woot the other day.

I own a Mio. I believe it’s a C330… It works great, just a little hard to use compared to Garmin devices… However, Because mio uses windows mobile, their devices are highly hackable!! I have all sorts of crazy cool stuff on mine!!

Wheres the camera? and whats it take pictures of?

There are some reviews on Alatest…

and Amazon peeps give it 3.5 stars. That’s not bad.


Dear Woot!,
We all have a GPS, PC, MP3 player, and perhaps even leakfrogs by now. Can we have some variety? : (

does anyone have this model? I’m thinking about getting one but don’t know which one to pick. If you have it please tell us about it

I got this for my girlfriend for our 6th yeah anniversary. great w00t!

“which means you can use it as a hands-free speaker phone”
“Microphone: No”
So, which is it?

In any case I have a Mio and it works great.

Looks pretty sweet other than the fact that I’ve never heard of Mio.

35% bought 3 so far… looks like an eBay and/or Amazon price war waiting to happen AFA resale potential so that kills that idea.

I’ma have to sleep on this one… then it’ll probably be sold out when I decide to buy it like the drawing tablets last night and the iPod speaker dock a few nights before that, lol

Found this review:

Too many glitches for me. Mio does make good GPS units.

Good woot price, but I’m passing for now.

I have a Mio 520…the same unit in form and functionality as the 720 only minus the camera. My Brother has the 720T. They are both great units. I have been very impressed with the Mio’s great value and function.

I load up a 2 gig SD card with 4 movies and have them available for those inevitable times when you are stuck waiting in the car.

The Bluetooth sync works well with my phone (Razr) Very Handy when you bring up a POI, Most have the phone number for the business, theater, doctor, etc listed press dial and the Mio will dial the number on your phone for you via bluetooth.

The POI list is also very extensive (12 million). Has listings for things that friends Tom Toms and Megellans did not have. I cannot think of anything that I have searched for that it has not had. And it has only been wrong on 2 occasions and that was because one business had recently gone out of business and another had moved down the street 10 blocks.

I have a 2 gig SD card on which I keep updated photo’s to show the relatives whenever I travel. The Screen is very nice, very viewable.

Text to speech works well. There was a problem with Software version 3.0 that caused the voice to stutter…but this was not annoying to me…and actually quite funny on some occasions. This problem has been fixed with later software updates - currently v. 3.3. Some people also complained on review sites about the menus/operation being difficult to understand. I had no problem, I never looked at the instruction manual, it took about 10 minutes to get the GPS set up, the measurement into the units I wanted (For some reason they initially have some distances such as altitude measurements in Yards and not feet. So instead of 3000 ft above sea level it would read 1000 yards.) It can all be changed in the set up preferences.

Another thing I really love about this unit is the split screen option. You can have just the Map showing, or you can have the map and a split screen that will display speed, ETA, Distance from next turn, distance from destination, POI’s (Gas stations, rest areas, that you are near, etc.)

This unit is also hackable…you can turn it into a full handheld PC. Run Apps, play games etc. information can be found at the gpspassion web site. Just search for Miopocket. Fully custom skins, etc. I have not done this yet…but just may to my 520 if I purchase tonight’s 720T

The business card scanner works pretty good as well. Have just played with it on my brothers 720 a couple of times…but it did the job. It integrates with the Contacts manager.

Where else are you going to find a GPS/calculator/contacts manager/photo viewer/video player/Music Player/Digital Camera for this price?

I shopped for quite some time over a year ago, and took a chance with Mio over the Highly esteemed Garmins. I am glad I did. I have used my 520 almost daily for over a year, it has guided me on multiple trips around the Northwest, Cross country trips to the Midwest, and I have never been disappointed with it. It has also taken some unintended abuse and still functions like a pro. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Now I just have to decide if I want a 720 so I no longer have to put up with my brothers taunting…“My Mio’s better than yours!”

i’d so get one if i werent broke from being broke to begin with

This was really well timed. I just had my Mio 320 stolen 2 days ago. Thanks woot!

^^ really well timed, or an awkward coincidence? hmmm… you be the judge.

2MP camera converts a photo taken into a navigable POI.

Take a picture of something along your route, save it, and make it a new POI…

Now that is cool… Found that bit of info out there on the internets, nestled nicely between a few free porno sites…

OK, so here’s my question. Does this need to interface with a PC? if so, will it work with a Mac? (this may in fact be the first legit. use of this question)