MIO Energy Pro Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Chest Strap

Ha… they only had ONE laptop!!

So this gadget analyzes your heart rate and displays how long you have to live? Do I have that right?

I think you can get heart rate monitors for that price without the chest strap. Who wants to wear the chest strap?

Sure seems that way. thank god.

Are they suggesting I need to work out… they are right :slight_smile:

Can you wear it on other appendages?

It was in the stats… number sold: 1. I thought we were going into a snoozer!

I misread the title. I thought it said it was a heart “rape” monitor. What a good item to have!

The picture isn’t enough to tell if that strap would fit around my chest… looks small.

When will the Dash come back? I waviered on purchase as I thought wife already bought Chumby 8 - turns out we got neither.

You don’t have to wear the chest-strap so you are basically getting it for free. You can touch the watch to get your heart rate. Although, I do find that it doesn’t always work.



first the sprinklers, now this. stop trying to make me go outside!

Is there a defibrillator add-on that I can purchase with this later?

The last three or four of my randombaggiesofcrap have had either a heart rate monitor or a blood pressure monitor. In fact, the last one had a heart rate monitor/pedometer. I think I’ll take my chances on yet another one, although I’ve run out of people who actually want them!

Can the strap have an extender added?

I do because you get a more accurate read then a wristband only model.

I’ve tried the MIO though and didn’t care for it. It was bulky and broke pretty quick. I’m using a Polar now though and love that thing. Then again I spent $90 on mine. This is a great price for someone just getting started.

Thats what she said…