Mio Motion Fit Heart Monitor Watch

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MIO Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 18 to Thursday, Dec 19)
Condition: New


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I got one of these front Woot a few months ago, the Petite. I think it was $5 more then.

It works great and is surprisingly accurate. Despite all the bells and whistle, what I found the most useful was easily being able to keep track of time between sets (like any watch would do). I liked the pedometer function too. It was fun while I was into working out, but that lasted about 4 months, and now I’m in my 5th month of being a bum.


Read some reviews from Amazon

Everything I’m reading says that the heart rate is not that accurate and that’s what I would expect with a strapless HRM. That being said, I think it’d be great for a walking pedometer. Or if you do decide to get it, keep your expectations low on the HRM piece, because $20 is a good price for a fitness watch.

I have the Mio heart rate monitor + chest strap from a few years ago and if it’s any indicator, I’d stay away from this unless you want anything more than a watch or pedometer.

can I get a constant heart rate monitoring with this device?

$25 w free ship here so not that earth shattering of a deal, plus mediocre reviews equals a pass on this deal

My thoughts exactly. Both watches received an average 3 star and 3.5. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

I can’t find the PETITE at that price:


I’d like to find out if its shipped with the battery deactivated (I don’t want to open the case to do it), so that it doesn’t run down by the time I give it as a gift next summer. Anyone know?

I have a more expensive version of the Mio with the touch monitoring. Not sure how accurate it is, but at least you can see how elevated your heart rate is. The only negative thing I’ve noticed is when you sweat heavily it needs to be taken off and dried real good along with your arm in order for it to take a reading.
At $20 I would say this is good enough for mild activities as opposed to one 3 times the price.

Regarding accuracy, I have a chest strap monitor and the few times I used both together, the Mio’s reading has been pretty spot on. At the gym, while on the treadmill or stepmill with the handlebar readers, the reading on the display and that of the Mio almost always match. The only thing with the Mio is that there is no constant reading, you have to place two fingers on the watch frame and wait a couple seconds to get a reading. The Petite is a great fit for me and love that they offer that size.

I’m getting motivated to start working out again… almost.