MiracleFold Laundry Folder - 4 Colors

Close. Bed, Bath, & Beyond has this for $24.99, but if you use their 20% off coupon, drops it to under $20.

Came here looking for a video. Found it!


Looks like it’ll help with the KonMari Method too!


Looks promising. Folding to my satisfaction is always a challenge! Thanks to previous poster for the videos. The Kalamari method accomplishes what I have only been able to achieve with towels. Would you please post a link to those videos? I am iPhone challenged and want to bookmark to send to my daughter and another pc. :slight_smile:

I love this thing. We hang up our tshirts but for vacation, it made folding so much easier. My adult son loved it too.

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Sheldon Cooper, as I do, has the original “Flip Fold.”

I originally bought it for my husband but he just didn’t use it because he preferred a different shape for his shirts. I fold mine an extra time after they come out of the Flip Fold, so I can stand them on end to see the design, not so they lay flat. See: