Mirage Home Theater Speakers

Surprise, surprise. Yet another Mirage sale and still no centers. Still waiting for my OMD-C1/C2 speakers…

Same here! Waiting close to a year now for one, I have the 28’s &15’s & Sub now to complete system

Conan HELP US! get the center speaker…

C’mon! I’ve been waiting for Woot! to offer the center channel too.

Tried to get 2 OMD 15’s but only 1 left. Next time Woot!, hope you have the center channel then as well, then I can probably step back from the computer which I have been glued to since Jan 1, 2014, refreshing every minute hoping I’d get those center channel. But, instead, I got tons of stuff I didn’t want.

Call me a newb, but I bought the Omni 150 bookshelf speakers for my husband for Christmas, and I have no idea how to connect them to the tv… do I need to buy a receiver? Some fancy audio cables? The internet is overwhelming me, so I figured I might as well bring it up here! Any links/resources/advice would be much appreciated.

Initially, I was very impressed that someone affiliated with Mirage came on this site and solicited requests as to which Mirage products to bring in.

There were many requests for the OMD centre channels. Thus far, our requests have gone unfulfilled.

With the exception of the OMD-28’s and OMD-15’s, we have been served up healthy portions from the bottom of the Mirage barrel. What a disappointment !

Updates from the Mirage representatives have been sporadic at best.

I think the odds of Santa free-falling down my chimney and depositing a Mirage centre channel under my Christmas tree are now about the same as Mirage delivering some OMD centre channels to Woot.

Yes, you need a receiver. Then just some basic speaker wire, and I’d suggest getting 16ga. Speaker wire you can pick up at any home improvement or electronics store.

Edit: here is a good link on the basics of wiring your speakers and receiver. http://www.wikihow.com/Wire-Speakers

Your binding posts on the speakers will be a little different from the pictures, but I’m not familiar with your speakers to know exactly if it’s a screw you tighten down after putting in the wire, or spring loaded that you push in then insert speaker wire and release.

Yes, you will need a receiver.

The speakers (you will need to purchase speaker wire) will connect to the back of your receiver.

Your tv will need to communicate with your receiver in order for the receiver to send a signal to the speakers. In order to accomplish this, you will need to purchase an HDMI cable.

An HDMI cable is essentially a cable that allows both the audio signal and video signal to pass through it. Make sure that the HDMI cable is long enough to reach from the tv to the receiver. Also ensure that the receiver has HDMI connectors on the back of it.

If your dvd or blue-ray player allows for HDMI connection, you should take advantage of it, and buy another HDMI cable.

HDMI cables will not only simplify the connection process, but will also greatly reduce the cable clutter, as you will only be using half the cables that you normally would without HDMI.

Final note: DO NOT fall into the trap of buying 'fancy" (and expensive) HDMI cables. The mark-up can be excruciatingly high, and you don’t gain any audio or video advantage whatsover. If you are paying more than $15 per HDMI cable, you are getting price-gouged. Ditto for speaker wire.

Best of luck.

Try ordering one speaker twice.

Here’s a general woot customer service comment and a note on the OMD-28.
After much anticipation (think 5 year old on Christmas) I received my Mirage OMD-28 speaker (not plural) last Thursday…dammit…

Where’s the other one? I check my tracking number and it was damaged in transit so it’s on it’s way back to woot. I had $900 worth of plant stand and uncertainty.
I went to the service department, clicked “where’s my order”, explained the situation and asked if they would be able to send a replacement. A few hours later someone parroted the whereabouts of the second speaker and told me that I would receive a refund for that speaker.

…Uh…what?..oh hell no… not only did they tell me what I already knew, they didn’t even answer my question. After much internal conflict and a thoroughly ruined day I sent a relatively calm email explaining that this was like being offered a refund for one custom ski. Useless and such and that I would need a another OMD-28 or no speakers at all. I replied to the original email, and to make sure woot got it (the customer service emails are very generic looking - the sort you might get spammed by) I also sent it to the “there’s something wrong with my order.” button. Early the next morning there were two emails in my inbox - one stating, ‘sorry, fresh out, you’re screwed.’ and the one from the “there’s something wrong with my order” folks stating ‘you’re in luck, we have more in stock, let us know what you want us to do.’. A replacement speaker is now on it’s way. : )

Woot does care, but only if you click on the correct customer service button. Your tracking number will tell you where your item is. The “where’s my order” guy/girl don’t seem to care about your order or your happiness, at all. The “there’s something wrong with my order” folks fix things.

Just took a look at the tracking information. Looks like I was bumped to standard overnight. Very happy with woot customer service right now.

The OMD-28 - is gorgeous. It’s huge too. The pictures don’t do these things justice. I obviously haven’t listened to it yet.

Whose leg do I have to hump to get the OMD-28’s in burled maple around here?

Thankfully, not mine.

Good to hear your OMD-28 issue may have been resolved. Beautiful speaker. Congrats.

Aside from being part of “the bottom of the Mirage barrel”, is there any feedback on the Uni-Theater soundbar?

Crutchfield reviews have it a 4.5 stars, but there are only two, so not exactly statistically significant.

First, I can’t believe this deal and second I can’t believe I went for it! (My wife wont believe it either, but I’ll worry about that later …)
Yeah, I sprung for the OMD-28s $3800 speakers for $900. I’ve been shopping for floor mounts for a week and these are the best I’ve seen. I haven’t even heard them - but by the looks and design of them, and the reviews I’ve read, they will be mind-blowing.
I actually wanted the 15s but as someone said, there’s apparently only 1 left. I was able to get 2 into my cart, 1 at a time, but at checkout time, woot realized they only have 1 still around. So I was stuck with the 28s :slight_smile: Plus, I wanted the wood finish.

what receiver would one use for a set of two of the mirage 3-in-1 speakers to make a 6.1 system…A 7.2 channel or would a 5.1 work?

You will only be able to use a 5.1 receiver for what you want to do. Any Receiver will work that is a 5.1 or 7.1 Woot has been selling an Onkyo refurbished, a good one for $249 keep watching for it or any another one 5.1 or 7.1 depending how much you want to spend. but if I were you I’d get the Mirage Os3 speakers for the 2 rear speakers $99 ea. you save $50 and you need a separate sub woofer for good bass, as the second one you want to use is a waste of money as you don’t really want the bass hooked to that, But if you can afford get all separate speakers for a true good set up.

Can someone who owns the 550s post their real decisions? I’m thinking in the specks that Woot got the width and depth reversed. I’m most interested in the width at widest point.

Do some research before you think of buying this sub.Best Buy closed them out for $70 since the amplifier fries in less than a year.