Mirage Home Theater Speakers

Finally got my Rosewood C2 to complete the matching set. Thanks Woot!

Yes! The elusive Rosewood C2 has made an appearance.

Now…about those Rosewood OMD-Rs? I’m guessing there is plenty of interest.

That’s what I been waiting for OMD-R’s. Does anyone have any idea how much they should cost each or worth approximately ?

for the OMD28’s or 15’s, are they priced as a pair or is it a single speaker?


Also glad to finally obtain my OMD-C2 in Rosewood. I am onboard for the OMD-R’s as well. To my knowledge they never sold them in Rosewood, only Black. Any color will work for me!

Quick search shows that Crutchfield sold them for $299 each. http://www.crutchfield.com/S-KlPzNERP7u7/p_653OMDRB/Mirage-OMD-R.html

Finally! I now have a full set of OMD speakers with the Rosewood C2 I just ordered:

Two OMD-28
Two OMD-15
One OMD-C2


Four OMD-5
One OMD-C1

Gee, maybe I should add some rosewood OMD-5’s?

Or a partridge in a pear tree…

Count me in for a set of OMD-R as well

i 2 was waiting for the rosewood c2 … but i did some research & some people whose opinion i trust, recommend going without a center channel … but if 1 is wanted, then stand it on end so that all of the drivers are equidistant to the seating positions … so i’m going without … & saving a bunch of $$$

Interesting… Not sure I agree. I would definitely get a second opinion by talking with a few people who have Center channels over at the AVS forum. Of course if you are not using it for a Home Theater (5.1,7.1,9.1,11.2) then I guess it would not be of much benefit. But for a true theater experience, a center channel is a MUST. Good Luck!

Center channel is very important, especially if you have more than one person listening. Any mediocre receiver will address the space distance difference between L and R speakers vs Center. Further, in well made recordings, the transition of motion from L to R or R to L is much smoother with a proper center channel, even if only one person is listening. You should also be aware that Meridian, a VERY EXPENSIVE high end audio company developed a synthesized 3 channel (using a center) system to listen to stereo music because the center channel was of such value.

I, too, am down for some OMD-R’s. I’ll take black, though so it matches the rest of my stuff. Here’s the thing that I think is funny – I have to mount my TV on the wall, now, because that dang C2 is so huge! It needs the entertainment stand that the TV is currently on.

I should get around to getting some OMD-5’s as well to make it a 7.1.


Thank YOU WOOT!!! Just ordered my Rosewood C2…Now, I just need to get the Emotiva XPA-5 (pair with Denon AVR-4520CI) to run my OMD-28, C2 (replace C1), OMD-15 (SR), OMD-5 (FH, FW & SB)…

Before you purchase that XPA-5, might want to consider a XPA-2 for just the OMD-28s. Those are power hungry…

I decided on the Emotiva XPA-3 to run the OMD-28’s and the OMD-C2. My AVR-4520CI can handle the other 8 speakers (OMD-5’s) for a sweet sounding 11.2 system!

OK. I got the front speaker but it doesn’t come with a power plug or any wires or anyuthing. Do I need to hook it up with a subwoofer or something else?


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