Mirage Home Theater Speakers

Is anybody interested in purchasing a Mirage Prestige S10 subwoofer, should they be made available ?

Huntsetter1 ( the rep from Mirage ) indicated that if there was enough interest here, he would consider bringing in some Mirage Prestige S10’s.

The Prestige S10 was one of Mirage’s flagship subwoofers. It is rated at 300 watts continuous power and 1200 peak power, and can dig down to 23 hz, which means it will be able to faithfully re-produce most of the bass notes in movies and music.

The quality of the bass is very high. It is not sloppy and muddy like other subwoofers in the $500-$800 category.

The Prestige S10 also resides in a stunning piano black lacquer cabinet. Those with spouses who resent new “additions” to the household will be relieved to know that this subwoofer does not look out of place when co-habiting with high-end furniture.

If anyone else is interested in purchasing one of these subs, please speak up and post a message here.


Am I the only one who feels that the OMD-28 is priced a bit too high? I feel that the prices on all the other models is just right.

How much better do the Prestige subs perform than the Omnis. I am most intersted in S12s (Prestige or Omni) than S10s.

I’m waiting for the R’s but what are the specs of the prestige S10 & S12’s ? Iows?

The Omni S10’s are 21Hz, lower than 23Hz you posted for the prestige S10’s??

OMD-Rs - YES. Prestige sub - Likely yes.

Oh great, I bought both c1 & c2 last week because I’m afraid of missing them out on next woot, yet, they’re here and the OMD-15 Rosewood is not.

I want to state here that Woot, thanks to huntsetter1, has sent me a replacement OMD-28 for my damaged one. The replacement speaker is in fantastic, like new condition. The best of the three I’ve received. Probably not coincidentally, the carton this one was in was practically undamaged. The other two had taken serious punishment.
Thanks again to huntsetter1.

I’d be interested, though I generally prefer 12" woofers to 10".

I am in for a couple if they are re-released. Still in for the OMD-R’s as well. I hope enough people have spoke up for these as well!

This should provide you with the information you are looking for:


Holding out hope for a Prestige S10 is the only reason I haven’t picked up one of the Omni 10’s yet. Would happily buy one if they are offered.

after comparing the S10 spec’s with the prestige S10, the S10 has a lower frequency response than there flagship S10. 21Hz vs 23Hz. I have the S10 and sounds great but would like more power. I also have an Infinity 1000 watt 15" sub that I can shake my house with as that goes down to 18Hz and you feel the pressures of it that you can’t hear! Still waiting for the OMD-R’s.

wheres Huntsetter, Conan for answer’s ?

How may I help?


Giving the green light for an order of Prestige S10’s would be a good start !! :slight_smile:

Most likely! These speakers sold for $3,500 each at high-end audio dealerships, and if you do a search you will find many reviewers thought it was a bargain at that price. At Woot’s price, if the OMD 28’s are to your liking, they are an incredible bargain.

Sorry late responding, just hoping you had info on the R’s and Prestige S10 if Woot will ever have them.

I agree that Woot’s pricing on the OMD 28’s represents very good value.

With respect to reviewers gushing that the OMD 28’s were an incredible value at $3500 each, It should be noted that these types of comments are not uncommon among reviewers whose publication may depend on advertising revenue from the manufacturer of the speaker being reviewed.

That being said, the current Woot pricing on the OMD 28’s is about as low as it has been in the last few years, when they were predominantly being sold by another company.