Mirage Home Theater Speakers

These are fantastic speakers but you are going to have them forever if you don’t discount them some more. Fast nickle vs slow dime concept.

…but will these ever be offered in the Maple? I would buy a full set in a heartbeat…

But still NO R’s Speakers!! : o(

Somewhat bizarrely, Woot is offering the same OMD-28 speakers in open box format for over $100 less on Moofi (accessible via the side deals tab).

We must be patient. Here is a quote from Klipsh Rep:
“I will meet with Woot either later this month (Dec.) and for sure at CES and will discuss the rears (OMD-R’s). We have talked in the past about these. The MOQ for the rears is 2.5 times that of the centers so on the first run we didn’t pull the trigger when we ordered the centers. The trouble with the surrounds is that they are single application specific. There seems to be interest in these so I would like to present that we gamble on demand and move forward. If this happens it will be summer before you would see them because of Chinese New Year and the lead times associated with this vendor.”


I couldn’t find that? Where just 2-4 yr old listings?

Can someone comment (From experience) if the 3 and 1 bar sounds good?

I don’t really care too much about surround speakers but will say that I absolutely love the OMD-28 and C2 center that I got from Woot. Totally worth the money.

There is some kind of melonhead posting on Deal News commenting that these are counterfeit Chinese knockoffs. Disregard his ignorant musings. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that woot would offer any non-legitimate item for sale on it’s website.

We buy directly from Mirage so these are definitely not knockoffs.

I had NO doubts whatsoever!!! It’s unfortunate that ignorant rumor mongers are allowed to post false and derogatory statements defaming decent companies. GO WOOT!!!

Where do you see this? Would like to know who this is posting this misleading crap! Could you post a link?

Found it:

Posted by: bernd

“Mirage and Athena Speakers have all been bought out by Klipsch and the lines are all discontinued.Anything now being sold is counterfeit grey market goods from China.Buyer beware.”

Sad to see people who do not do their research and start smacking their lips without knowing what they are saying!

I am looking at the omd-28 towers and would like to know if they are packed in a soft foam or regular styrofoam ,the softer foam seem to be more forgiving during shipping

Pretty sure it’s regular styrofoam. Still, I would be very surprised if these arrived damaged. The box would have to be visibly dented, in which case, I would refuse the package.

These Mirage speakers are a custom build for us. Bought directly from Mirage.

Any chance of getting another Mirage speakers sale?