Mirage Home Theater Speakers

Today at Electronics.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE MIRAGE HOME THEATER SPEAKERS AND MOAR MIRAGE HOME THEATER SPEAKERS!!
And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Mirage Home Theater Speakers


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Mirage Home Theater Speakers
Price: $99.99 - 799.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Monday, Jan 19 to Tuesday, Jan 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page for the OMD-15 and perfect reviews over at Crutchfield.com


Almost 10 years ago, I bought an Omni S10 and it’s still going strong. I picked up a second one the last time it was up for sale here on Woot (for $20 more).

I regret nothing.

Product Page on the OMD-c1
Perfect Review over at Crutchfield

Unbelievable deal now! Wish they were that cheap when I got just about all of them before but the LCD 3 speaker, after the $50 drop I couldn’t resist it. For my 50" TV in my bedroom stereo receiver… only missing are the R’s, coming this summer, living room! I surprised only a day left and quiet here??

Price drop of $20.00 ea. on the OMD-15 since I purchased them in May 2014. I still enjoy listening to them. The sub dropped in $ also. I just may tempted to add that to the ensemble.

I bought my first trio of Mirage speakers (L/C/R–bought something cheaper for the surrounds) 23 years ago and have bought or recommended Mirage several more times since then. My current home theater uses Mirage Nanosat Prestiges.

Of the models for sale here, the only ones I’ve played with personally are the OMD-5’s, which I helped a friend pick out for all 5 channels of his home theater a few years ago, and the QPR (quality:price ratio) is sky high on those things. The omni tweeter design really does give them a more expansive sound than most conventional bookshelf speakers, and the overall sound quality matches or exceeds many speakers costing 3-4x the price offered here. I would have bought OMD-5s for my own home theater instead of the Nanosats if I only had the space.

Since Mirage’s acquisition by Audiovox, they seem to be disappearing from the mid-fi retail channels and showing up mainly on deal sites like this. My guess is that they’ll eventually discontinue the line altogether, so get 'em while you can.

ANyone know how i cant get 6 omd5’s since the site only limits 2 per customer. DO i need to set up 3 different usernames?

Do you have trusting friends that could order them for you? Or try setting up, a yahoo email,gmail,ect address something like that maybe? Did you try ordering 1 set at a time paying for them each time maybe? Good luck. if worse comes to worse try getting a hold of Woot as I don’t think they ever sell completely out.

Do I need to buy two? Is this price for just one speaker?

Which speaker(s) are you asking about?

Only the Omni 150’s are priced by the pair.

All the other Mirage speakers are priced per single unit.

Interestingly enough, the Mirage OMD line had been previously discontinued.

This current OMD line is being manufactured using the same specs and components as the previous OMD incarnation.

The Mirage OMD’s are somewhat of an enigma, in that they have been brought back from the dead. However, the lines of distribution are far more narrow than what they used to be. With the exception of Woot and its parent company Amazon, you will be hard pressed to find these speakers

I think your advice to “get 'em while you can” is not unreasonable. Mirage and Audiovox may have had other reasons other than long term profitability for resurrecting the OMD line.

Are you going to get any more black C2’s in?

Never know! You’ll just have to keep an eye on things.

I sure do want to get back into music and speakers. I have a Vizio sound bar w/sub at the tv and that’s it. I’ve been tempted at some wireless option but these speakers look like they may kick ass.

Are the Omni 150 worthwhile to make a tv program sound better? I’m not hooking up to an amp or playing much music these days.

How do these stack up against Paradigm Studio 100s ?