Mirage Home Theater Speakers

Is there mount hole on the Omni 150?

OMD-C2 Black. How can these be sold out if there are no sales stats on them? Were they added to this sale with zero quantity available? Or is there a bug in this product listing? Just curious.

The only other item listed as sold out is the Rosewood C1 and it only sold 1 unit (first to buy = last to buy and only 1 bought according to stats), so perhaps there was only 1 C1 for sale.

Can anyone confirm if these are wireless?

Hi there. Which set are you look at?

$799 each?? Or a pair???

If the description has Pair in it, then it is per pair. Otherwise it is the price for a single unit. As per your $799 reference, that is the price for one (1) OMD-28 speaker.

None of these are wireless. The sub requires AC power and either a line level signal (RCA style cable) OR a speaker level connection from your receiver/amplifier. Everything else only requires a speaker wire connection from your receiver or amplifier.

if your talking about the speakers No,not wireless, read the descriptions on them, There high quality speaker’s great!

Weren’t these listed before a few days ago???

No, none of them are wireless. Every speaker listed will need an amp or receiver to power them.

They have been regularly listed on woot for the past year.

The only speakers that are actually wireless have their own internal power source which will regularly need to be recharged. Think the portable Bluetooth speakers. Other “wireless” speakers still need to be plugged into a wall which often compromises speaker placement, and will generally not be able to compete with speakers in a good enclosure driven by a proper amp. Cable management is not that difficult people. I’d take a $50+ bookshelf speaker and $10 worth of 16 guage speaker wire over a set of tasteless, aesthetically bland, and massively overrated $300(ea) Sonos surrounds any day of the week. The difference is night and day. If you can’t hide the wires in your fronts I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re concerned about wireless you’re still dealing a it as many cables as wires (tomato - tomato), you’re overspending, and you’re cheating yourself out of sound quality as well as elegance.

Not everyone can or want to drill holes, mess up the wall, get the wire go around the walls to the back especially a rented place. Find a power outlet could be easier.

Thank you WooT Gods for bringing these back! I finally got my full set now - -28’s for front, C2 for center and surrounds - Thank you WooT.

For you theater buffs - these speakers will be replacing my Jamo - THX LCR’s 7.1 so I’ll let everyone know how they sound. I’ll be driving them with an emotiva 7 channel amp - used to off load power from the onkyo receiver. Being I won’t be using the “Back” as a channel anymore I may bi-wire the front’s… will keep ya’ll updated.

I have two OMD-15 (fronts), OMD-C1 from previous orders. Now, I have (4) OMD-5 Surrounds on the way.

Running out of an Onkyo 7.1 AVR. What’s the thought on an amp (either Emotiva or Outlaw)? Would it be better to go 3 channel powering the front and centers or 7 channel? Doesn’t seem the OMD-5’s would need the extra power.

All depends on what AVR you have, not all Onkyo are equal, you never specified its model number. Also size of room and how loud you want it. Some of those AVRs specify WPC for only 2 channels driven, and when you try to drive 5 or 7 you end with a lot less WPC. Could go for XPA-3 or XPA-5, all depends on your answers above.

Onkyo HT-RC360 (about 2-3 years old). Room is fairly large I guess (15 ft ceilings and about15x20ft).

I was considering an Outlaw 7075 or Emotiva 5 channel as it seems they stopped making the UPA 7 channel.

Disregard, I just looked as I was reading today about amps and assumed I had pre-outs, but I don’t. So, I’d have to get a pre-amp also. :confused:

Can Mirage make some Maple versions for woot?? They are beautiful. I will buy them.

Just received them. They sound better with usage. The sound really is omnidirectional. Never had omnidirectional and it really does sound very different but in a good way. I love the new speakers. Haven’t tried the subwoofer yet. Just got the speakers wired yesterday. Love them!