Mirage Home Theater Speakers

No more black OMD-28s? No more center channels? No OMD-Rs or Omnicans? Say it ain’t so Klipsch?

Why isn’t this showing up under electronics?

are these wireless speakers?

Yeah, Feels like they just keep re-listing on woot until the product is gone and it looks like the Mirages are almost gone… glad i got mine when I did, I’d still like a center channel and another pair of sats… but ohewll

No, sounds like you are looking for Bluetooth speakers.

Is it a price for single speaker or pair?
It is incredible if pair price.

One set (Omni 150) are sold as a pair. The rest are singles.

The price is incredible at singles. The original price stated in the ad is not fictional, that is the price those speakers sold for at high-end stores when Mirage sold at B&Ms.

Enjoying the OMD 15’s and recent purchase of Omni S10 subwoofer. Slipped it in just in time because I no longer see it posted for sale. They maybe at the end of the product life cycle and coming out with new lines. Anyone know?

No more new products from Mirage. All new development is on the parent brand, Klipsch. When Mirage is gone from Woot, places like audiogon, craigslist and eBay will be the last sources.