Mirage Home Theater Speakers

I own every one of these Mirage speakers + OMD-28 and C-2 center, all but the OMD-R’s. this summer to be next when they say they might have them! all sound great! Using (2) Emotiva’s amps 1000+ watts rms to power these monster’s!

Just got my OMD 28s and set them up. Head and shoulders above what I had before, and they haven’t finished their 100-hour break-in period yet. You’ll need lots of power - about 250w per channel or more - to get the best out of these.

I have the OMD-28’s and omD5’s as surrounds.

I enjoy the sound-stage the omnidirectioinals provide, I am currently running them at 225w per ch but i can tell they would enjoy more juice. First speaker I’ve had that are tri-ampable.

I wish they had better distribution system so I didn’t have to just hope woot would sell what I want.

I keep waiting for them to just be gone and no longer sold so get them when they are around… cause you never know!

Klipsch is warranty replacing the 3-in-1 bar for me after it kept kicking my receiver off for wires out of phase and playing the center channel through the left and center speakers in “wall” mode.
Anyone else have issues like this with theirs?

I’ve had pair of these for about two weeks. It takes about a 100 hours for them to completely break-in. I’ve let medium volume music and TV play on them while I’m at work for about a week and a half straight. They’re now starting to open up nicely. Some speaker guys don’t like these for music, they’re listening to poor quality tracks. As a pro tracking/mix engineer, my opinion is that they sound pretty fantastic.

These speakers love jazz and classic rock. Saxophones and upright basses almost sound like they’re in the room. Perfect reproduction. I playback from Spotify and vinyl sources. Daft punk and other well mixed modern music also sound stellar. Pretty much anything with good dynamic range sounds great. Over-compressed modern rock/pop may not be so great. These need the sonic headroom to breath and do their thing.

These have also been great for movies. I run them with a powered pioneer sub, but they provide plenty of thump on their own. Match them with medium sized center and rear channels and you’ll be all set for a system that won’t require a budget busting amp while still being able to blow the doors off.

At $99 each for the 550’s, you’d have to be pretty lame to not try them out.

Who had the wires out of Phase??? Are we suppose to send anything for the warranty or suppose to just hang onto purchase receipts?

3 in one sound bar. Does it come with the glass shelf? It does not appear that it does.

Your receipt is fine.

Yes it does.

I had the wires connected correctly. The Klipsch tech said it sounded like an internal crossover issue. Are you experiencing the same issue?

I did a screen capture of my woot completed order and they accepted it.

Quick question. One of the front speaker grills on my OMD-28s arrived dented. Does Woot fix this or does Mirage?

BTW, still hoping for the OMD-Rs…

I’d start with Mirage since they can probably send you the part.

If all else fails, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.


Would you be so kind as to provide us with an update on whether there are any plans to bring in some OMD-R’s and Prestige S-10 subwoofers.


Yes, it has a glass stand with it about 3/8-1/2" thick glass plate for bottom base, nice mounting as you can just lift the speaker off the steel bracket it set’s on, or you use the steel bar and mount it to the wall and speaker hangs on that, nice looking easy set up. still breaking speakers in. worth it as long as your using a receiver with them (have to) get there Mirage S-10 bass speaker if you don’t have one sounds real good then.

Klipsch can replace this for you if you call customer service 1800-554-7724.

Will do. Thank you!

I was really looking forward to getting this mirage unitheater. I paid for the item and 5 days later I received a credit back to my card with no explanation whatsoever. I emailed woot and they said they “oversold” the item and it’s not available. I’m very disappointed and upset about this! Not cool woot!