Mirage "Not Bad Fizzy Cab" (12)

Mirage 2009 “Not Bad Fizzy Cabernet” 12-Pack
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2009 Mirage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey County
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I haven’t even tried this, but low-price cases from woot have never failed me as a daily drink.

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It’s not supposed to be fizzy, it’s a flaw. Reviewers say it’s okay after decanting for a few hours.

I recall this was previously offerred. Interested in any who had it, as I’m nervous about the fizz.

With proper handling this wine provides excellent QPR. It takes some time for the effervescence to blow off but it’s pretty tasty once it does. Decant for a couple hours before drinking.

Bought 2 cases of this the last time. A really decent product with a unique fizz. My wife and I have enjoyed this on a number of occasions with red meats and pasta dishes. I would recommend with an open mind to a mild fizz. Unique item. Will buy again.

I just had a bottle of this on Saturday. The fizz goes away after decanting for a couple of hours. But, if you drink it before then, it is barely noticeable and not really that unpleasant. It isn’t as fizzy as beer or soda, it is probably something I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t mentioned in the title (you can see it get a “head” when pouring it into the decanter though). I’m tempted to buy another case but I’m really trying to cut back on my wine purchases… But, I would say that, even after decanting for two hours, “not bad” is basically how I would describe it (as opposed to “good” or “great”)

I remember the conversation on this last time. I passed then but will pull the trigger now as I have space in my wine rack.

Guess we’ll see!!

I’m down to my LAST bottle, this is perfect timing, what I do is decant the bottle (my decanter holds 2 bottles so there is a lot of room after pouring the 1 bottle in. then shake vigorously, (it will foam up) let sit 10 minutes and repete 2 more times and its ready to go.
In for another.

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What the heck! In for one! Bring on some more Maryland-shipping eligible reds!

Do you have a lid for your decanter or do you just shake it without it spilling out? I’ll have to try this next time (although, as I said earlier, I really don’t mind the light fizzy-ness). But, this has always been my “second bottle” (to give it time to decant) so maybe it would be more noticeable in the first bottle of the night.

Secondary fermentation in the bottle is the result of poor winemaking practices, either bad filter coupled with residual sugar, or failure to initiate malolactic fermentation in the primary fermentation. Can’t tell which without the ABV information.

So “shaken, not stirred” is what you’re saying? :wink:

Any tasting notes? How does it go with Brandini, hehehe?

And if it’s your 3rd or 4th bottle, then perhaps you may not be able to notice? :slight_smile:

no lid, my decanter is long stem narrow at top very wide at bottom, I do a rough swirl kinda counter clockwise. Speeds up the process for those of us with no patience

If endorsed by fred, I’m in! (Plus, I’m a sucker for anything less than $10 a bottle.)

This just sounds…well…um…wrong. More power to you Fred, although next time try the blender it might be quicker :wink:

great with da kids toffee :slight_smile:

Request for those who have had this. there’s been a lot of discussion about the fizz and ways to eradicate it (I like the blender recommendation).

Could you also talk about the flavor profiles? Fruit, earth, cedar, tabacco?