Mirage "Not Bad Fizzy Cab" (12)

Mirage 2009 “Not Bad Fizzy Cabernet” Case
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2009 Mirage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey County
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Still a fan of it. If I would not have so much of it already…grrrr

still have 11 bottles, still pouting that work got in the way of the RBW Bad Moon Rising offering, just missed it. dang-nab-it

How much of this can be left? More than the Copa?

Not willing to go through the shaking, blending, waiting, etc etc that has been suggested to make this a drinkable wine. Pass.

Sad I missed the Barbera. Enjoyed a bottle just this week. Hoping the Vino Noceto might show up. Never enough of those.

If you have one of those Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers, with the bottle-stopper attachment, it will get rid of the bubbles after a few “pumps”.
I got some of the Sextant '09 which has the same kind of Fizziness.
I thought I might like it with the bubbles.
I was wrong.

It is worth it.

So Fed Ex has screwed the pooch on this delivery. It was supposed to come yesterday. They say it was delivered and I signed for it. Was home all day - and it didn’t come and I signed nothing. Waiting to hear from them! actually was with another purchase I made same day from woot. So waiting still for 18 bottles of wine…

Update: delivered to wrong address yesterday. Retrieved and delivered to me this morning. Happy, Happy Happy!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!