Mirage OMD-28 Floorstanding Speaker

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Mirage OMD-28 Floorstanding Speaker
Price: $899.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jan 31 to Monday, Feb 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Someone bought one? o_0

Someone bought ONLY one? :slight_smile:

They should allow you to buy 3 in case you want one for a center channel.

Geez. Does it make waffles and do your grocery shopping too? For that this price the least it can do is change the oil in my car…

I actually own a Mirage center channel. It’s very nice, and was a fraction of the size (and price) of these.

My engineering design professor designed hearing amplifiers in his job. I asked him if the differences in high end audio were worth the cost. He quickly replied “by the time you can afford the high end, your ears are too worn out to be able to appreciate them; save your sheckles.”

Woot must have a ton of these. When they get down to $600 a pair I’m in.

I’m sure they are worth more to some people, but they aren’t to me.

Actually, Woot is Klipsch’s exclusive partner for the premium OMD-28 speakers and only place in town to find them at this price.

I’ve laid out more than this for speakers, and perhaps if I had been haunting the local hi-end audio dealer (these days Best Buy’s Magnolia is as close as it gets) and listened to these a few different times I’d be inclined.

But to drop $1800 for a pair based soley on a description? Brave, brave soul indeed because speakers are very subjective.

An interesting take on the tweeter placement as well. It’s angled upwards with a cone to deflect and spread the sound. And it’s placed directly over the mid-range, also angled upwards and also deflected, this time by the tweeter.

Seems to me that may dilute the imaging. But hey…Bose has been bouncing sound waves around for years. Somebody must like it.

Klipsch, you say?

Klipsch distributes them but they are not, to the best of my understanding, designed or manufactured by Klipsch.

From the Mirage website:

“Klipsch Group, Inc. oversees business operations for the Energy®, Mirage®, Klipsch® and Jamo® speaker brands and distribution companies worldwide. This technology powerhouse is focused on leveraging its highly acclaimed product lines to offer a unique and powerful single supply source for its retailers, distributors and contractors globally.”

If you have to ask someone about high end sound, then you aren’t in the know unfortunately. There is something to be said for the intricacies of sound to each human’s ear. People think it’s absurd for car enthusiasts to drop $10,000.

I assure you-- $800 for one speaker is not bad when sound is your greatest passion. And just because you don’t personally appreciate it, doesn’t mean you need to publically counter-sell the product, my friend :slight_smile:

TL:DR - a $6 million dollar home theater system at the bottom:

I ordered a set of the black about 5 days ago and they are scheduled to be here on Friday. Hopefully these things make it here in one piece and undamaged. There’s tons of great reviews on these if you search the web. I just purchased a Emotiva UMC-200 7.1 pre amp and a Emotiva XPA 5 amp to power them. I’m sure they’ll run these again and I’ll let everyone know how everything turns out.

+1 high end sound is important to some of us and, yes, we can clearly tell the difference.

Like wine, there are discernable differences that can only be appreciated and understood with time and tasting.

Until you spend time listening to various systems you won’t appreciate the differences and will have little basis to make an informed choice.

And by “spend time” I don’t mean walking into an electronic shop and having the saleman put on one or two cuts and do an A/B comparison between two sets of speakers.

Systems of this level are for those who want to sit down and immerse themselves in the music and listen deeply, not just have some music in the background.

Someone once told me not to waste my money on a set of speakers. You get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers.