Mirage Speaker Oasis

I have purchased both the OMD-5’s a few months ago and just received the OMD’-15’s a few minutes ago that I purchased last week.

One of them did not include the top dust cover- are these really new speakers? How will you make this right? Can you ship me the piece that was missing??

Oh, I am so covetous of these …

Anyone have a link to a video so I can hear what these sound like?

I hope that was a joke!

Seriously, the OMD-28 that I got off Woot is phenomenal. Full range front speakers makes a world of difference and the sense of presence these speakers project is amazing.

I purchased the OMD-15s on Woot 3 months ago. Each speakers was shipped on 2 separate days. Other than that they arrived in good shape. After the 100 hr break-in period they are sounding very nice with all the encompassing sound stage that people rave about. Great looking too. However do not consider purchasing them unless you plan to use a sub woofer. They lack the bottom end that you probably get with the OMD 28s.

Can you send me your contact info to alan.jurgens@klipsch.com and I will get you covered. They are brand new. I am not sure how you received one without the top cap but will get you fixed up.

Thanks Alan- I’ll send you an email right now, I really appreciate the help- especially since I have not heard back from the folks at WOOT…

How come there are no sales stats for this woot?

Regarding the future sale of omd-c2 and omd-c1 on woot, will those be offered separately, or only as a package with omd-28, omd-15, etc? I only ask because the c2 isn’t listed as a separate product on the mirage website.


No sales stats because none have sold yet. Good eye, though.


I have spoken with Alan from above comments… He’s from klipsch… He told me that woot is in possession of the center speakers and it is now in woot’s hand to post them when ready!!! WOOT!

WOOT POST THESE ASAP!!! Also you can ship my OMD-15’s I bought 10 days ago whenever you want to…

Picked up the OMD-28s a few months ago from woot.

These won’t give the top end cleanliness you would get from really high end monitors or Heil AMTs, but it’s very close and the sound stage is INCREDIBLE. Extremely pleased with the purchase… use them daily.

It’s too bad no other consumer/pro manufacturer really caught on to this omni-polar design, as they are fantastic for filling a space with music. I have noticed the same driver used in speakers in some restaurants/shopping areas (Chipotle, etc.)… not sure who is building those.

Important note for buyers – if you get a set of mirages, drive them properly with a good amp or you will NOT get the amazing sound for which they are known! (I’ve been using an Emotiva XPA-3 along w/ DacMagic Plus to great success. I’ve heard of numerous people driving them w/ a couple of XPA-1s monoblocks, but that was way out of my price range)

The centers will be sold individually.

Thanks for the tip!

I bought the OMD-28’s off woot a few months or so ago and they sat in the box until I moved to Hawaii. Just got them out and powered them up. I’m not using anything other than an old(er) Pioneer 7.1 Receiver (soon to run them bi-amped through just the receiver) and so far, they sound so very incredible.

Following the instructions, I’ve not pressed them hard at all, but sometimes, music will be at a higher level than other music and it’s gotten loud for a minute or so and tell you what – these things are INCREDIBLE!

I’m running them as a stereo setup with no surround yet (have a set of Klipsch Quintet III’s) and a Klipsch SUB-12 woofer.

I’m very overly pleased with these things…but I see something that will make me sad very soon… When the center and surround speakers come - shipping will likely NOT be available to Hawaii. I’d be happy to spend more to have them shipped out here…please listen to this request, woot! I’m not the only wooter out here that wants more stuff!

Hey Alan, is it REALLY true about the Mirage OMD C-2, that Woot has them? I purchased the 28’s from Woot in February, I LOVE them and NEED the C-2 Thanks.

Interesting speakers…

Both the c1 and c2 should be available anytime now. Woot just received them.