Miroco Dimmable LED Adjustable Floor Lamp

Miroco Dimmable LED Adjustable Floor Lamp


Specific color temperatures (in numbers)?

Incandescent equivalent?


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4th bullet:

Long-Lasting & Energy-Saving : The 12W LED provides 1815 lumens brightness

last bullet:

  • 3 Different Modes of Lighting: The work lamp has 3 color temperatures (cool white, natural white, warm white) to suit the mood and lighting requirements.

You didn’t answer either of my questions. Had the information I sought been in the listing, i wouldn’t have posted.


Incandescent equivalent (e.g. 75W, 100W)?

Color temperatures (in Kelvins)?

The manufacturer didn’t publish that information. Sorry.


Calmness - it is a lamp. Here is the info you wanted @Wooter277674486.
Trying to help with the info and keep things calmer for @ThunderThighs and @Froodyfrog on this Sunday.

Color temp is in the photo.

That other “W” place says it is 1815 lumens (same brand and photos). A 100W bulb has 1600 lumens. The photo below suggests the manufacturer may be brimming with optimism. May you be as well. :dove:

Thank you.

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