Miroco LED Adjustable Floor/Desk Lamp

Perfect for you new dorm room in the Fall.

I think you missed a comma there. How about this:

“Perfect for you, new dorm room in the fall.”

I know not everyone talks to dorm rooms, but probably some people do.


Usually only after taking a serious Fall. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got mine…it is no where near 1815 lumens at the brightest setting…might be 1000 tops. Going by the power consumption of 12watts, my brightness estimate is close. The up side is this is still quite usable, but false advertising.

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The Timer doesn’t seem to work… I press and hold the off/on button for 2 secs (and tried even longer). No “blinking” and stays on for hours. Am I doing this correctly? Could there be an issue? Thanks in advance, for any info you can provide!

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